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111 Star Code MIRACLES STARGATE 2022 - Quantum Leap! Receive FREE Lightbody Activation's Gifts!

Greetings Star Family,

Welcome to Our Golden Owl Circle Star Ship!

We are the Galactic FAMILY of Light!

Embrace New Magical Cosmic Heart Time-lines!! Children of the Sun!!

Unlock New 5D Abundance Time-lines MIRACLES GOLDEN AGE STARGATE! Now!

Get Ready for SolarBODY Acceleration this Year!! Huge Shift!! 6D to 15D!

All New SolarBODY StarBODY Template's!

Transform Your Consciousness Now

WE ARE Calling ALL TO Us to Shift!

Are you Ready To Activate Your Crystalline Diamond Lightbody 💎 ??Receive Our Monthly Star Code Gifts!!

*15D Cosmic TRINITY Aurora StarCODE PlasmaBody DNA ACTIVATION - Link Below-

*Activate Your Crystalline SolarBODY - Solar Plexus Stargate - Power Temple Crystalline Energy Matrix Within! Link below -

We Gift from the Heart to All of our Soul Family..... We Appreciate All Who Are Anchoring in High Light Portal's in this Now!!

We All Raise Together! As One UNIFIED Star Conscious Council!

Expand your Consciousness Now

Raise your Christed Heart Vibrations!

Sending Deep Love ❤

Galactica Aurora Blessings to All

Akasha Ra Azurite Encourage!

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Troy Stengel
Troy Stengel
11. Jan. 2022

Thank you, Akasha!!❤❤❤🦄🌈

Gefällt mir
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