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4 Spots Open For Individual Personal Energy Session's with The Galactic High Councils for 8/8 Portal

We Have 4 Spots Open for Activating the 888 Lion's Gate Portal Gateway's With Akasha Ra Azurite!

We are Activating Our Galactic New Human Consciousness DNA Blueprint with the Royal Galactic High Councils During All Private Individual Session's Package !

Click to Quantum Leap With US!

4 Spots Open Starting Early Morning August 8th Lion's Gate Portal 7am Mountain Time New Mexico/ Through 1pm Mountain Time!

Evening - 6pm Mountain Time Through 9pm Mountain Time!

Akasha has Full Availability Calendar for this Huge Quantum Shift for the Collectives Consciousness Gateway's!

4 Spots Open all Soul Aligned for Soul Dedication Mastery Template's Activation!

All Personal Individual Energy Session Packages are Created By Your Higher SELVES Deep Cellular Memories Awakening Construction... We are Activating 12D Diamond Body Plasma Photonic Light StarBODY Template's/ Deprogramming Old Earth Bandwidths Matrices Within/ Old Earth Energies Fixed Limited Beliefs Template's/ All Upgrades are StarBODY Star Born Galactic Consciousness Cosmic Codes DNA Activation's Transmission !!

Akasha Offerings Intuitive Awakening Quantum Multidimensional Consciousness Mentoring During Her Expansion Personal Energy Session!

We Expand BEYOND Time Space - LinAR MIND Space in Time.. All Quantum Crystalline Energy Matrix Session's Are NON LINER Quantum Flow Space!

We are Sharing a Sacred Cosmic Ascension Awakening Space Playing/ Activating/ Tuning with Our Andara Master Krystal Family of Light & The Divine Star Gate Galactic High Councils Command!! ✨️

Are you Ready for Warp Speed Quantum Shifting Within Soul Star Family!!

Remember to Love ,PLay, Create , and Inspire On this Huge Energy Shift Portal!

888 Lyra Abundance Lion's Gate Star Born Portal!!

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