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7/ 7 July 7th Rainbow Portal! Join Our Stargate Mastery Workshop ! Early Ticket Booking

Welcome to Our Stargate Multidimensional Mastery School Workshop!! Virtual Webinar!

Tickets are on Sale Now 333$ USD PER ADMISSION from 777$ USD - We are having this Cosmic Sale Until July 1st!

Click Here to Book a Ticket -

Join Our Cosmic GodSelf Remembering Crestor Self Workshop Event!

Multidimensional Mastery Stargate Portals Rites of Passageways!

Akasha Ra Azurite & Stargate Masters will Teach Quantum Multidimensional Consciousness GOLDEN God DNA Full EMBODIMENT Blueprints!

WE ARE teaching Realities Heaven on Earth Building with your Quantum Computer System Merkaba Vehicle Star Ship!

We are Activating Ra Sun Krystic Diamond Sun Upgrades & Restoring the Divine Masculine Energy Blueprints within!

We are Anchoring in Our Original Ascended Master Blueprint - Egyptian ThreeFold Flame Christ Consciousness Sacred Inner Cosmic Union Within - Divine Power - Divine Pure Inner Love Intelligence - Divine Cosmic Creation Wisdom!

We are Rewriting Our Cellular Structure DNA/ RNA SolarBODY Liquid Plasma Photonic Light Quantum GodSelf Creator Blueprints!

Soo Much More....

Akasha will Perform with the Solar Sun OverSoul God's Language of Light Transmission's Sacred Passageways Rites Attunements!

WE come Together As Star Soul Family as One UNIFIED Heart Community to Raise in High States of Consciousness Now !

Join Our Light Being, Gatekeepers, GridKeeper. GALACTIC GODDESS - GOD SELF COMMUNITY! We are Ready to Star Gate Multiple Timeline WIPE - Jump!

We Love you Galactic Family!

Please Bring Workbook/ SketchBook,

Yoga Mat , Crystals/ Andara's to Create, and Colored Pens!

This is A Quantum Light Expanded Energetic Sacred Space to Open Up

to Our Divine Super Quantum Consciousness Blueprints/ Structures to Rewrite Remember Once Again Family!

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