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Amazing Twin Ray's Infinity GridWork Remembrance Masterclass Last Night ! Gratitude for All Souls !

Greetings Star Family,

Join Our Global Twin Ray's Infinity GridWork Remembrance GridWork Inner Union!

We are Creating Krystalline Twin Ray's Infinity Crystal Grids Within our Sacred Temple Houses Around the Planet..

Join Our Sacred Space Golden Diamond Age Liquid Light Activation To Assist Humanity on a Krystalline Global Level to Build There Wings of the Heart...

  • Create a Altar Grid Within Your Temple House

  • Set the Highest Purest Intent to Activate the Higher Heart Sacred Marriage Union , Twin Ray's Global Wings Awakening Infinity Golden Age Grid

  • Co Create Within the Grid for Unification of Pure Love Consciousness Harmonious Union on A Global Level

We are Sharing a Sacred Cosmic Krystalline Energy Space Within Our Hearts to Assist with the Global Building of the Wings Stage 1 of the Sacred Golden Marriage the Return of The Anicent Golden Diamond Age on Gaia!

New Divine Sacred Marriage Soul Union Global Codes - Golden Diamond Liquid Plasma Photonic Light Solar Codes Activation Template's Dialing in !

Divine Sacred Solar Union - Sacred Marriage Soul Unions Collectives Codes 🐉

💎 Welcome Divine Star Beings to the Golden Diamond Age Ascension Gateway's of the Solar God Soul ✨️ Awakening 💎

We are Awakening the God Soul Cosmic Chakra Of Pure Essence of The Divine Father God Soul Return 💎

Golden Diamond Light Solar Christ Consciousness Pure Divine Source Codes 💎

New Cosmic Crown Solar Ra Divine Inner Wealth Codes ✨️

Reminder : We are Sharing Our Solar Union LightHouse with All Of the Multi Verses!

Let's Build Our Sacred Marriage Wings of Grace !

Beautiful Golden Liquid Plasma Photonic Light Activation Transmissions - New Template's Restore! 🐆🐆🐆

Remembering Our Sacred Divine Ancestors & DNA Golden God Soul Lineages Within the Star Portals of Our Bodies 🌹🌹

We Share Love and Light!

Rise Your Higher Heart Universal Consciousness Vibrations !!

Reconnect to Mother Gaia Earth Krystalline Children of Light and Pure Love ❤️

Reconnect to The Sacred Four Winds Tribes within Our Inner Gaia Earth Realms of Krystalline Light 🐆🐆

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Karen Oesch
Karen Oesch
15 sty 2023

Thank you for making this available and for everything you have done and are doing 💜

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