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Ascension Higher Harmonic Energy Update 11/14/2022 - High Star Portal Traveling

Ascension High Energy Harmonics Update 11/14/22 Powerful Portal Day! 💎777 222 Portal! 1142022

142 + 4 = 144

11 +14 + 2022 = 2047 ! Jump - Leap Jump!

Welcome Divine Family of the Krystalline Angelic Human & Star Being DNA !

Welcome All All Starseed's and Whitelighters...

We Create This Blogs As We Integrate All New Quantum Diamond Plasma Liquid Photonic Light Through Our Universal Soul Super Quantum Computer System ( We See HD 12D Krystalline Multidimensional Energy Matrix Full Vision) Beyond The Third EYE! We Full Create Anchor All New Quantum Higher Harmonic Template's New Universal Frequency Bandwidths Fully From Within! We Write / Share / All New Quantum Consciousness Living Light Being Awareness as We Integrate More Light To Share With The Collectives!

Here's Our New Solar Awakening Quantum Multidimensional Shifting Update for This Now! All Blogs are Quantum Star Code Stargate Diamond Plasma Pure Photonic Light DNA / RNA SolarBODY Activation Codes ( Please Drink Plenty of Pure Clean Water After Reading Transmission) All Is Created with Quantum Star Code Photonic Diamond Light Cosmic Technology! 💎

Update New Earth/ Andaraian Earth / Utopia Aurora Parallel Earth's & BEYOND 🌹

💎 We are Atlantis Crystalline Angelic Humans Re Constructing the New Pure Atlantean Passageways for Humanity  - New Higher Harmonics Cathars Inner Ether Temple of Pure Love Coming online!

💎 Energy Body ( Solar Soul Code Activation Attunement) New Higher Heart Thymus Rewiring/ Restore  - ALL Ego Dissolving Survival Programming - Old Earth Energies  - All Deep Rooted Old Programming Systems Wiping As We Quantum Shift ( Old Anicent Goddess ( Deception/  Betrayal / Old Ways of Giving Our Power Away Through Creation Thoughts Linar Mind) Clearing Akashic Cleansing! Old Beliefs Systems Wipe ( Template's Wipe)

💎 Deep Purification Of all Vortices/ Krystals In the Physical Body Vessel  - Pours Vortices Releasing Tons Of Density ( As We Fill Uo With Tons Of Photonic Plasma DIAMOND Light ) Beyond Tons of Light! 😆

Divine Feminine Goddess Recalibration Reset Full Restore of New Beautiful Plasma Pastel Liquid Fields of Light Template's!

Divine Masculine Recalibration Higher Aspects Fully Re Emerging Inner Union! Distortions Akashic Clearing For Some!

Divine Child Re Emerging Awakening for Many ( Let GO Blueprints)

New High Alchemy Initiation Pathways Teaching's Coming Fully Online with Pure Love Intelligence and Diamond Body Pure Consciousness Intelligence 💎

New Trinity Aurora Cosmic Heart Ray's

( New ThreeFold Flame Intelligence) *Golden Flame Ray Diamond Light ( Divine Masculine Aspect) *White Flame Diamond Light ( Godhead) *Amethyst Flame Diamond Light Ray ( Divine Feminine Aspects)

New Aurora Rainbow Ray ( Cosmic Ray's Frequency Bandwidths)

🦋 Back To Zero Point Fields Systems For Alot Of US Again for All New Recalibration Reconstruction of New Aroura Plasma Photonic Light Quantum Fields To Fully Anchor! 🦋

🕊 All New Zero Point Fields 12D Crystalline Diamond Energy Matrices 🕊

🌹 Everything Goes Beyond WARP Speed...

💎 All New Re Emerges As All Comes One UNIFIED Heart Cosmic/ Higher Harmonic Universe's Field Systems 💎

All Old Earth Time-lines Soul Contracts are Completed!

🌏 Open the Heart To Allow Your New 5D Beyond Soul Agreements to Energetically Align On A Pure Soul Level Pure Unconditional Love Unity Consciousness Re Emergence! 🌏

🐉 New Orange Dragon Recode Upgrades

Ascension Upgrades Heating Up in the Body Krystalline Krystal Body Recalibration!

🌹 New Orange Pastel Liquid Plasma Light Bandwidths & Pink Diamond Liquid Plasma Photonic Light Solar Energy Bandwidths All Diamond Plasma Photonic Light!

💎New Phoenix Krystalline Multidimensional Kingdom's Sacred High Alchemy Wisdom Pathways Blueprints are RESTORING 🌹

💫 All New God Consciousness Sliver Diamond Liquid Plasma Photonic Light Solar Template's  StarBody Higher Harmonic Universe's Template's All New Systems!

💕 Aurora Bodies Upgrades! New Utopia Aurora Earth Parallel Systems Full Anchoring In Process! 💫

💎 New Anicent Divine Keys Of Pure Creation Restore  - New Anicent God and Goddess Keys of Pure Christ Consciousness Template's Are RESTORING! 💎

🐉 New Solar God's Realms Temples Are Coming Online to Those with the Pure Christ Consciousness Light Fully Restored Within the Ascension Physical Body! The Pure One's With the Krystalline Diamond Physical Bodies Are Able to Have Full Access ✨️  To These Realms Christ Consciousness Soul Consciousness Will Have to Be Fully Online 💎 ( Message From Anubis Gate Keeper ) ..

.🛸 The Divine High Councils Assisting Us with Our Recalibration Untill the 3/ 3/ 23 New Gateway's Systems  - Venusian Star Beings - Andromedan Star Beings  - Arcturian Galactic High Councils  -Inner Earth Aurora Parallel Earth's  - All New Diamond Krystalline Higher Harmonic Universe's Earth Star Beings & Angelic Humans ( us) Future Selves - Lyran Sirian Star Beings  - Golden Ray Order Councils  - Telso New High Councils.....

💎 Atlantis 3 Million Years Ago Civilization Assisting Us with New Teleportion Codes and Quantum Plasma Fields Systems Engineering ( Building) 💎 Draco Starseeds With Rehabilitation OF Human Higher States of Consciousness ( New Elevated Quantum Multidimensional Engineering) 🛸


💫 We See The HD Vivid Vision Of Our Divine New Earth Systems Within the New our New Universe HD Reconstructing Before Our Eyes!New Aurora Rainbow Ray Pastel Cathars Colors / Music 🎶 of Our Inner New Earth Realties 🌎 


Anchor Anchor Anchor ⚓️ This Magnificent Solar Quantum Shift! All New Higher Harmonics Bandwidths 💫

Remember You are Pure Love Pure Source Light! We Love You All With Our Higher Galactic Heart Unified System!

Be the Light Be Love Be Pure Consciousness💫

The Ray's of Your Soul Emanates From Your Pure Love Pure Heart Pure Kindness Pure Generosity 💓

💎 New Solar Ra Phoenix Source Alchemy Higher Harmonic Technology of Diamond Plasma Liquid Photonic Light Upgrades 💎

We Love You All Spiritual Awakening or One a Magnificent Solar Awakening Journey of Pure Elevated Quantum Consciousness Existence Expansion ✨️

Cosmic Heart Councils of Love!

Solar Ra Emerald Temples of Pure Love Channeled Message *Prime Creator Translator ❤️

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Cat Carnelian
Cat Carnelian
Nov 15, 2022

Thank You Akasha and the Cosmic Heart Empire 🌺🎼💚


Karen Oesch
Karen Oesch
Nov 15, 2022

Wow...major upgrades and activations. Very grateful 🙏🌹🕊


This was Amazing! Thank you! ❤️

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