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Ascension Great Galactic Awakening 5D/12D


We are Going Atomic StarBODY All Year! 2022

Collectives ( Dimensional) Consciousness Crystalline Diamond Shifts

Solar Bursts within our Bodies! STAR Sun DNA DIAMOND Blueprint Template's ( Christed Crystalline Star)

Full Atomic Galactic/ Cosmic Template's!

Deep Cellular Memories Awakening for All Dimensions on this Planet!

Deep Inner Awakening/ Shifting All to Sun Star Light Within! All Pure Once Again - Pure Creation Consciousness/ Creator Self Roles

Pure Love Consciousness Within & Out External there!

We are Going Out/ In/ Up/Down All Multidimensionally All Over the Place!

All Here in this Now Remember to Be Kind holding a Space of Light Love ❤️ Oneness for Are Soul Family On Earth! Gaia!

Pictures Below for What We See happening in Our Bodies & Third Eye Chakra Vortexs!

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This is absolutely beautiful, to see how our soul bodies manifest these activations is further example of the artistry of life and graciousness of GOD/GODDESS 💜

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