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Christed Sophia Cosmic Three Fold Flames Template's - Galactic Energy Update March 13th

New Awakening 🌎 Galactic Star Beings New Awakening Krystalline Diamond Conscious Shifts... March 13th ( 13) Full Circle ( Full Union) Relationship's Template's!

222 - 728 - 528 - 928 - Time-line Shift Every Trillinano Seconds... Boom All New Galactic Quantum Human Time-lines...

Nothing Holds - Nothing Holds - Nothing Holds ... No Time-lines are Holding ... These Light Waves are Resetting the Cosmos Systems... You Have Full Access to Reset your Inner Cosmos to Reboot to All New Time-lines/ Frequency Bandwiths/ New Cosmic Templates....

We are Activating All New Beyond Multi Verses Universal Stargate Systems ( Universal Star Gate Chambers ) Vessel .... New Galactic Quantum Human Divine Bodies... New Galactic Consciousness...

New Activating Solar Ra Waves New Source Codes / Galactic Source Soul Codes / Christed Sophia Cosmic Three Fold Flames Template's/ Source Soul Star Gate Chambers Codes / Divine Union Marriages/ Galactic Cosmic Earth Codes ... Lyra Sun's DNA Upgrades!

New Star Gates Dialing in to Re Create Our New Universe's All From Within...

Reminder : What You Within the Quantum Fields that No Longer Hold Within The Realities/ Worlds Field Systems Must Shift - All That is Not Pure Love Consciousness - Pure Divine Source Krystalline Intelligence - All that Holds Ego/ Unconscious / Lack / Victim/ Lower Bandwidths Forms Programming Must Shift Out.... ❤️

All Will Be Shown To Us to Shift Out At a Light Speed to Hold a Much Higher Light Space for The Collectives/ Humanity/ Universe's... We See Frequencies 👀 Running simultaneously all at once all timelines. These are Collectives timelines, all universes, multiverses frequency timelines. 💎

It is up to us to choose pure Galactic intelligence Realities/ Worlds/ New Earth Realities All From Within Our Diamond Plasma Quantum Fields... We Can Experience Teleportion to 4D Consciousness Matrices/ Realities to See Dissolve/ Release All that will Not Hold.... We Have to Remember Quantum Consciousness Existence Once Again... All Shifts Within Trillion NANO Seconds... 💕

So Magical Awesome These Beautiful Teleportion Jumps ... All Unifies as a One Multi Verses Union ... Heart Chamber Krystal Quantum Diamond Plasma Fields.... 💎

Beautiful New Christed Sophia Cosmic Three Fold Flames Template's - Unicorn Starcodes

*Pure Krystalline Pink Pearlescent Plasma Photonic Light Solar Ray's

* Pure Light Blue Flame Diamond Plasma Krystalline Liquid Pearlescent Light Ray

*Pure Golden Amber Yellow Pearlescent Plasma Liquid Light Ray - Neon Yellow Pearlescent Plasma Liquid Light Ray 💛

The Most Magical Experiences of These Diamond Ray's- 💎

💕 Divine Love

💕 Divine Power

💕 Divine Wisdom

💕 Divine Will

💕 Divine Sovereignty

We are Sending these Ray's through a Star Gate Teleportion Gateway For All Humanity to Receive .... Transmission from Our Star Gate Super Quantum Computer System!!!!

Open The Heart To Remember/ Receive These Magical Ray's of the Aurora Earth Parallel Systems ✨️

Transmission Translation of Source

Tune Into Our Galactic Starseed Awakening Virtual Online Webinar Event's - Go To Homepage - Join Our Divine Light Circle

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