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Community Event Coming Up on April 27th ! Activating your Inner Magic through Mind, Body, and Soul!

Activating your inner magic through the Mind, Body, Soul Awakening Awareness Join the Magical Sistars Catherine Ong of Transformation by Design & Maggie Diaz of Galactic Earth Angel for Quantum Energetic Frequency Healing & Light Language Healing, both have Multidimensional Healing Modalities & Abilities This will be a full body Recalibration We will be Clearing, Releasing, Activating, Healing, Rejuvenating, Recalibrating & Integrating your Divine Consciousness Some of the things involved in this powerful process are: Mental Matrix Rejuvenation Rewiring your Heart Mind Connection through Psychic Surgery & Alchemical Frequencies on a DNA & Cellular Level Decalcification of your Pineal Gland & Activation of your Organtic DMT Higher Heart Activations Expanding your Higher Heart, releasing trauma on a DNA & Cellular Level Activating your Emerald Diamond Lotus Anahatta Krystalline Portals, Divine Krystic Consciousness the seat of your Heart & Soul Consciousness (Divine Innate Guidance, Magic & Intuition) Expanding your Throat & Heart Connection to activate your Innate Guidance Rejuvinating Parasympathetic System & Lower Energy Centers Releasing Cords, Blocks, Attachments, Patterns, & Programs learned through trauma & survival, Balance Hormones & Adrenal Centers on a DNA & Cellular Level Recalibration for Joy, Bliss, & Higher Vibrational Alignment Gut Detoxification & Activation Clearing Detoxification of Parasites from the Gut & Intestines to Awaken your Innate Intuition & Magical Essence on a DNA & Cellular Level Activating your Gut Health, were most of your Organtic Happy Chemicals, Vitamins & Proteins are produced This will be held in a private group session on Zoom, recording will be provided for you

Upon Payment you will be emailed the private zoom link note: Magic

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