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Dive in Deeper with the Dark God/ Goddess Sacred Feminine & Masculine GODSELF Re - Emergence

New Energy Update ✨️ 10/30/23

Massive Collectives Grid Systems Activation's Upgrades!

New Divine Feminine Dark Goddess Collectives Return!! Beautiful Rebirthing Cycles of Deeper Reconnection To Our Gaia Earth Body , Other Worlds Bodies, Power, and Source ....

Beautiful interior Shifts - Deeper into the Inner Underworld for New Vision of Our Ancestral Lineages/ Soul/ Infinite Soul Beings ✨️ 

Massive Ascension Physical Body Death Cycles..... Which Means Collectives Recoding .

Blessings 🐋  Opening Passageways with Queens of Underworld/ Ianna / Persephone/ Kali / Red Tara / Hecate - Rebirthing Cycle

Shifting Energy through the inner Power of the Dark God/ Goddess Feminine & Masculine GODSELF within us ✨️  Mouth of the Jaguar Power / Heaven Realm Inner Temple Remembrance Passageways

We are sending Love, Oneness, Healing, Blessings and Prayers to all in the Collectives Star Tribe 🌟

Akasha Ra Azurite & Galactic FAMILY

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