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EQUINOX Discount Gifts ! All New Utopia New Earth Ascension School Codex Academy & Mystery Schools

Greetings Children of Light,

We are the Galactic Guardian's Family of Light Creating / Sharing/ Supporting Guiding all New Cycles of The Age of Aquarius Divine Diamond Age !

We are Dialing in All New Planetary Frequency Bandwidths for the 12D Diamond Body Plasma Photonic Light Solar Energy Matrix of Gaia!

All New Quantum Shifting Star Gate Jumping for Some! All New Galactic Quantum Multidimensional Super Human Intelligence For All WayShowers Unified Grid Work Heart Community! As we Return to the Divine Sacred Higher Heart Universal Soul Selves/ Versions of US! All New Re Calibration Quantum Shift for the New Earth Systems New Universe Equinox Shifts!

Here's a Few Creation Bundles Packages!

New Ascension Diamond Light Academy -

All Bonus Courses - Lightbody DNA Activation's Upgrades - Monthly Community Live Event for All Guided to Create a International Business - Starseed Ready to Shift to There Highest Purest Soul Contracts/ Missions as Divine practitioners & Intuitive Awakening Coach !

All New Payment Plan Options From Full Payment to 12 Month Options For All To Access! 5 Major Healer's Mastery Courses - New Merkaba Vehicle Mystery Schools - New Divine Mystery School Codes! All Classes Added As We Create/ Teach Our New Divine Diamond Light Ascension Schools! New All Classes Weekly ! Bonus Courses Hours - Lightbody DNA Activation's Upgrades - Monthly Subscription Transmission! Added!

Click Here to Sign Up for Our New Earth Community GridKeeper Gatekeeper Roles

Full Bundles All Subscription Added - All Curriculum Included Only - Ascension Diamond Light Academy 12 Month Program! Paired with Large Andara Turquoise Diamond Ray 💎 Bundle! All New Starseed Mystery Schools Include! Only Full Payment!

Check Out all New Divine Ascension Mastery School Codex Curriculum! We Created All New Starseed Mastery Mystery Schools We Start Soon!! All Payment Plan Options Included For Everyone! We Re Named Our Multidimensional Mastery School For All Unique Energetic Signatures Star Humans Spiritually Awakening to The New Earth Systems and BEYOND!

Explore New Crystalline Diamond Earth Curriculum Click Link -

We Currently Have Energetic Sacred Space for 3 New Starseed Student's for Advanced One on One Individual Personal Star Gate Session's!

3 Spots Open! Only for a Few Months! New Energies Take a New Re Construction in the Quantum Fields! This Will Be Soul Dedication for Awesome Galactic Starseed School Training!

Click To Enroll!

New Earth Utopia Andara Shop Discount- Paired with Lightbody Activator Package! New Subscription Offer!

Finally Completed Activation's! New Utopia Andara Shop Inventory Gifted Sale ✨️

33% OFF Coupon Code Apply Before Check Out! Promo Coupon Code - "Utopia "

Apply Coupon at Checkout!

All Inquiry Questions or Concerns about the Coupon Please Email Us!

New Divine Ascension Mystery School Crystalline Diamond Body Awakening Packages...

All New Divine Goddess Renewal Healing Package & New Anubis's Divine Masculine GODSELF Package - Are On Sale 33% Off



Schedule Your First Session BEFORE Check Out! We Quantum Flow & coordinate as New Crystalline Diamond Codes , New Star Gate Codes , Diamond Codes , Nova Terra Earth Template's Activate Within!

We Teach Sacred Pathways of Anicent Divine Temple GridKeeper Work & Crystalline Altar Temple Training! This Will be for Deep Deep Cellular Cleansing, Ego Dissolving, Quantum Shifting, Ancient Memories Unlocking, And One On One With Akasha Ra Azurite LIGHT Team's!

Deep Scared Passageways for Soul Dedication Sacred High Alchemy Initiation For Source Pure Photonic Light Awakening Returning Restoring Remembering all Within!

All Paired with Our Sacred Andara Master Crystal Galaxy Universal Councils!

We Love you Galactic Family of Light!

Children of the Diamond Sun Light!

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