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February 2:2 5D Rainbow World Galactic Gate Channeled Blog & New Videos Posted on SEU Channel

LET'S QUANTUM JUMP GALACTIC STYLE We Just Hit Our Highest Jump Gate✨️✨️ We Just Quantum Jumped 7 Years ! We have One More Leap Tomorrow 222 Portal!!

Krystalline Diamond Rainbow 🌈 Codes ! Golden Liquid Light Activation for a Year Jump !

New Green Comet Lightbody " Comet Galaxy Star Body" Template's! Massive Timeline Convergence Within this Awesome Cosmic Activation ! We Call this the Aurora Comet !

Full Moon Cosmic Quantum Jump 2:2 Gate ~ Will Start Feb 2nd ~ the 17th Massive 7D Galactic Anchor For Most of US

We Hope You all are Feeling this beautiful BLISS 😍 Within Your Higher Heart Universal Crystal Heart ❤️

How's Everyone Feeling With All These New Frequencies?

Are You Ready to Quantum Jump Galactic Style To Your Highest Purest Soul Aligned Time-lines?

Are You Ready for Blissful Higher States of Consciousness Quantum Multidimensional Living? 5D - 7D - 12D BEYOND!

What are You Calling Forth Today? New Opportunities/ Higher Vibrational Soul To Soul 7D/5D Relationship's ?

Definitely 7D for All Starseed's!!

Are You Ready to Shift Your Old Paradigm/ Fixed Beliefs Systems/ Old Stories/ Old Shadow/ Ego Programming?


Welcome 🐝 To Our Utopia Light Ship Krystalline Community!!

How's Your New Krystalline Physical Body Vessel Vibration ( Feeling) ?

Remember the More Density The More we Purge Physical Body Upgrades ( Ascension Symptoms) ?

"""" For Me Definitely Lots Of Sleep & Headaches!! WE ( Multidimensional OverSouls Mes) are Still Breaking Unconscious Programming Dissolving the Mind Vortexs ( Breaking Energy Patterns) for Full Zero Point Fields Systems after 9 years !! """

** 5D Experience I'm Seeing Only Krystalline Diamond Plasma Liquid Light Diamond Energy Matrices ( Our World/ Universe/Galactic Realities) Beautiful Rainbow Ray Pastel Photonic Light Spectrums through My Plasma Eyes ( Amethyst Tone Now) Shifting from Aurora Light Pastel Green Krystalline Plasma Eyes to Now Amethyst Tone ( New Higher OverSoul Self Full Integration) ♥️

Full 5D Rainbow World! Absolutely Beyond Words !

***Shadow/ Out of Tune Energy/ Unconscious Sleeping Programming 4D Separation/ Judgement Frequencies _ Role Playing 4D Consciousness Matrices Dissolving Still!! Still Awesome to See All Systems Moving / Tuning to Oneness ( Higher Frequency Bandwidths)

Our New 🐆 Divine Sacred Union ( Holy Union) 2:2 Portal will Provide a Huge Shift Within Tomorrow for Soul Marriage/ OverSouls Merging/ Divine Sacred Union Partners/ Trinity Union Codes ( Your Soul Inner Marriage) ❤️

Reminder: All New Frequencies All New Magical Heart to Heart Divine Sacred Union ( Holy Union ) Relationship's Template's/ New Soul Agreements Ready to Start! Oneness Connection/ Soul Recall / Galactic Soul Family Agreements / New Soul Agreements 5D New Earth 🌎 Magical Mystical 💎 Experiences!

Reminder: 5D Contracts Shift in and Out Every Nano Second In this Now 💎💎💎 There's a Tuning Station for Integration with Your Universal Soul Higher Self EMBODIMENT Light Fields ( NO Attachments No Ego ) Really Cool We have to Navigate This New Station With Pure Love Intelligence Diamond Light!

Reminder: Drink Plenty of Pure Clean Water/ Lemuria Water ( Fruit - Flowers) High Vibrational Foods ( Possible Fish 🐟) lol New Recalibration for All New Krystic Diamond Systems 💎

Lots Of Nature Walks/ Deep Self Mastery Talks with Your Multidimensional You's - Exercise Flow the Body ( Krystalline Kundalini Energy Tuning Exercise) Yoga / RUNNING/ Tai Chi / Stretching/ Shamanic Dancing/ Light Encoded Dancing 💃 Lots of Music 🎶 To Keep the Vibe High !! Crystals / Andara's Master Crystals/ Drumming!

Divine Krystalline Family To Tune Your Frequency With For this Divine Order Recalibration ~

CRYSTAL KINGDOM'S FEBRUARY SUGGESTION ~ Larimar, Spirit Quartz , Moonstone , Lemurian Seed Quartz, Sunstone, Moldavite Star Born Stone , and Black Tourmaline...


Clear Tone Crystalline Andara, Sun Star Yellow Diamond Light Andara Ray Tone, Aqua Seafoam Ray Tone, Deep Dark Ray Tones ( Galactic Deep Space Black Tone) , And Green Pleiadian Pastel Ray Tone for the Green Comet....

Sacred Elemental Energy to Open Space & New Doorways ~ Lemuria MU Water Elements and New Galactic Nova Gaia Earth Elements..

We Open a Beautiful Transmission Galactic Time-line Multi Star Gate Jumping for All Souls Aligned to Our Starseed/ Star Being / Galactic Bieng Community Ship 🎶💃🎶💃🎶

Remember to Raise Your Vibrational Frequencies Through Pure Love Source Within ❤️ Play/ Magic/ Have Fun !! Galactic Transmission from Akasha Ra Azurite & Galactic FAMILY 🌈🌈

🌈 Happy New Earth / Galactic Nova Terra Golden Earth/ Golden Diamond Age Time-lines 💎 Join Our Galactic Utopia New Earth Light Ship Community 🎶🎶🎶

All New Galactic Channeled Meditation Journey Series on Our Galactic Family Channel ~ Check Out Youtube ~~

Youtube Channel ~ Starseed Evolution Channel ~

New Cesletial Star Born Channeled Meditation Series #1 ~

Lyra Emerald Order Upgrade Journey ~

New Celestial Star Born Channeled Meditation #2 ~

Emerald Order Lyra Starseed Upgrade ~

New Crown Chakra Actvation ~ Avatar Sun Star Soul Super Quantum Computer Chakra System Upgrade ~

Check Out Our New Andara Shop ~ All New Event's ~ All New 1:1 Private Session's!

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Amethyst Alchemist
Amethyst Alchemist

Thank you beautiful Akasha! i love you all BEings!! you are amazing! so excited for this love spreading to all BEings!!! Violet flame and rainbow angelic pure halo LOVE!!!


Tiana Leigh
Tiana Leigh

My favorite thing to see is these updates!! So much confirmation always and so much gratitude for my star family and for you, (all you's) Akasha!! We love you!!

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