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February 2:2 5D Rainbow World Galactic Gate Channeled Blog & New Videos Posted on SEU Channel

LET'S QUANTUM JUMP GALACTIC STYLE We Just Hit Our Highest Jump Gate✨️✨️ We Just Quantum Jumped 7 Years ! We have One More Leap Tomorrow 222 Portal!!

Krystalline Diamond Rainbow 🌈 Codes ! Golden Liquid Light Activation for a Year Jump !

New Green Comet Lightbody " Comet Galaxy Star Body" Template's! Massive Timeline Convergence Within this Awesome Cosmic Activation ! We Call this the Aurora Comet !

Full Moon Cosmic Quantum Jump 2:2 Gate ~ Will Start Feb 2nd ~ the 17th Massive 7D Galactic Anchor For Most of US

We Hope You all are Feeling this beautiful BLISS 😍 Within Your Higher Heart Universal Crystal Heart ❤️

How's Everyone Feeling With All These New Frequencies?

Are You Ready to Quantum Jump Galactic Style To Your Highest Purest Soul Aligned Time-lines?

Are You Ready for Blissful Higher States of Consciousness Quantum Multidimensional Living? 5D - 7D - 12D BEYOND!

What are You Calling Forth Today? New Opportunities/ Higher Vibrational Soul To Soul 7D/5D Relationship's ?

Definitely 7D for All Starseed's!!

Are You Ready to Shift Your Old Paradigm/ Fixed Beliefs Systems/ Old Stories/ Old Shadow/ Ego Programming?


Welcome 🐝 To Our Utopia Light Ship Krystalline Community!!

How's Your New Krystalline Physical Body Vessel Vibration ( Feeling) ?

Remember the More Density The More we Purge Physical Body Upgrades ( Ascension Symptoms) ?

"""" For Me Definitely Lots Of Sleep & Headaches!! WE ( Multidimensional OverSouls Mes) are Still Breaking Unconscious Programming Dissolving the Mind Vortexs ( Breaking Energy Patterns) for Full Zero Point Fields Systems after 9 years !! """

** 5D Experience I'm Seeing Only Krystalline Diamond Plasma Liquid Light Diamond Energy Matrices ( Our World/ Universe/Galactic Realities) Beautiful Rainbow Ray Pastel Photonic Light Spectrums through My Plasma Eyes ( Amethyst Tone Now) Shifting from Aurora Light Pastel Green Krystalline Plasma Eyes to Now Amethyst Tone ( New Higher OverSoul Self Full Integration) ♥️

Full 5D Rainbow World! Absolutely Beyond Words !

***Shadow/ Out of Tune Energy/ Unconscious Sleeping Programming 4D Separation/ Judgement Frequencies _ Role Playing 4D Consciousness Matrices Dissolving Still!! Still Awesome to See All Systems Moving / Tuning to Oneness ( Higher Frequency Bandwidths)

Our New 🐆 Divine Sacred Union ( Holy Union) 2:2 Portal will Provide a Huge Shift Within Tomorrow for Soul Marriage/ OverSouls Merging/ Divine Sacred Union Partners/ Trinity Union Codes ( Your Soul Inner Marriage) ❤️

Reminder: All New Frequencies All New Magical Heart to Heart Divine Sacred Union ( Holy Union ) Relationship's Template's/ New Soul Agreements Ready to Start! Oneness Connection/ Soul Recall / Galactic Soul Family Agreements / New Soul Agreements 5D New Earth 🌎 Magical Mystical 💎 Experiences!

Reminder: 5D Contracts Shift in and Out Every Nano Second In this Now 💎💎💎 There's a Tuning Station for Integration with Your Universal Soul Higher Self EMBODIMENT Light Fields ( NO Attachments No Ego ) Really Cool We have to Navigate This New Station With Pure Love Intelligence Diamond Light!

Reminder: Drink Plenty of Pure Clean Water/ Lemuria Water ( Fruit - Flowers) High Vibrational Foods ( Possible Fish 🐟) lol New Recalibration for All New Krystic Diamond Systems 💎

Lots Of Nature Walks/ Deep Self Mastery Talks with Your Multidimensional You's - Exercise Flow the Body ( Krystalline Kundalini Energy Tuning Exercise) Yoga / RUNNING/ Tai Chi / Stretching/ Shamanic Dancing/ Light Encoded Dancing 💃 Lots of Music 🎶 To Keep the Vibe High !! Crystals / Andara's Master Crystals/ Drumming!

Divine Krystalline Family To Tune Your Frequency With For this Divine Order Recalibration ~

CRYSTAL KINGDOM'S FEBRUARY SUGGESTION ~ Larimar, Spirit Quartz , Moonstone , Lemurian Seed Quartz, Sunstone, Moldavite Star Born Stone , and Black Tourmaline...


Clear Tone Crystalline Andara, Sun Star Yellow Diamond Light Andara Ray Tone, Aqua Seafoam Ray Tone, Deep Dark Ray Tones ( Galactic Deep Space Black Tone) , And Green Pleiadian Pastel Ray Tone for the Green Comet....

Sacred Elemental Energy to Open Space & New Doorways ~ Lemuria MU Water Elements and New Galactic Nova Gaia Earth Elements..

We Open a Beautiful Transmission Galactic Time-line Multi Star Gate Jumping for All Souls Aligned to Our Starseed/ Star Being / Galactic Bieng Community Ship 🎶💃🎶💃🎶

Remember to Raise Your Vibrational Frequencies Through Pure Love Source Within ❤️ Play/ Magic/ Have Fun !! Galactic Transmission from Akasha Ra Azurite & Galactic FAMILY 🌈🌈

🌈 Happy New Earth / Galactic Nova Terra Golden Earth/ Golden Diamond Age Time-lines 💎 Join Our Galactic Utopia New Earth Light Ship Community 🎶🎶🎶

All New Galactic Channeled Meditation Journey Series on Our Galactic Family Channel ~ Check Out Youtube ~~

Youtube Channel ~ Starseed Evolution Channel ~

New Cesletial Star Born Channeled Meditation Series #1 ~

Lyra Emerald Order Upgrade Journey ~

New Celestial Star Born Channeled Meditation #2 ~

Emerald Order Lyra Starseed Upgrade ~

New Crown Chakra Actvation ~ Avatar Sun Star Soul Super Quantum Computer Chakra System Upgrade ~

Check Out Our New Andara Shop ~ All New Event's ~ All New 1:1 Private Session's!

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