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Fire Ball Waves Inbound from the Galaxy Centers - Get Ready to Jump a Timeline

Solar Rainbow Activation Waves ☀️ New Solar Storms Gamma Atomic Rays Inbound from the Cassiopeia constellations Systems.... Huge Massive fire Balls of Solar Flares for Godself DNA Strands Template's

May 31th 2023 Solar Diamond Plasma Krystalline Energy Matrices Update

Beautiful Divine Clean Up of Unconscious/ Subconscious Old Energies.... All Subconscious Fears of the underworlds Within.... 💎🧬💎🧬

Shifting All Within.. Deeper Inner Work to See Clear Energies... Clear Clarity of What Inner🗝️ Dimensions we wish to see and Bring Forth .....🗝️

Reminder Soug "I got the Power "  Divine Power Templates Restore to Stand in your Solar Suns Power Divinity 💖💖💖 Remember to See Through the Holographic Illusions of the Director of your Universe within..... All Tango Scenes That are set up for New Lessons .... 💞

New GodSource Abilities Coming Online and Solar Dragon/Solar Deities Full Template's Activations 🧬

New Threefold flame Ascended Master's Templates

We are Cleaning Up Yeshua Jesus Crucifixion Ancient Energies Clean Up ... How that all Sees/ Feels/ Energy Tuning .....

Suggestions 🧬💎🧬💎🧬💎🧬

Crystals to Work with Clear Quartz/ Lemurian Seed Quartz, and Apophyllite Clear Crystal's.... Andara Master Crystals Clear Rainbow Activators , Clear Pink Krystalline Diamond Plasma Andaraian Master Crystals 💎💖💎💖💎💖💎

New Sunstone Activation Unification Crystal Transmissions......

Cosmic Love Blessings/ Akasha and Galactic Husband 💞🧬🗝️🧬🗝️🧬🐋🐋🐋

Utopia New Earth Consciousness Projects Website

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