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Galactic High Energy Update

High Galactic Energy Update for Planet Gaia Earth Community 🌎 11/29/23 💎


New Access Gates Systems 333 / 1133/ 628910 / 727 / 888 / 444/ 1212/ 999/ 782345678 / 1012210 / 2214/ 666/ 44/ 1155/ 927168 / 555

We are Activating/ Remembered New Galactic Human bodies/Experiences/ Worlds/ Realities/ Realms/ Parallel Universe's/ Earth's/ Outer Planetary Systems ( Holographic Systems) 💓

New Lemuria Mu Tribes Sacred Elementals Codes Activations - New Rewrite / New Time-lines/ New Multidimensional Earth Systems 🌎

New Emerald Diamond Earth Realities/ Golden Emerald Earth Realities/ Aurora Emerald Order Diamond Plasma Krystal Codes  / New Golden Emerald Aurora Earth Parallel Systems & New Universe's are Available Now ! 🌹

Higher Dimensional Planes of Light are Returning to its Organic Original Blueprints! 💕

 We are Fully Accessing are Feline Races DNA/ Power/ Abilities/ Sacred Krystal Diamond Full Body Light Ship ( Diamond Merkaba Bodies/ Super Traveler's Light Ships Systems) 💎

We are Accessing New Seeding Project's Within this Universe ( New Earth Like PLANETS) New Multidimensional Relationship's ( Starseed Relationship's) Higher Dimensions of Multidimensional Earth Systems Available for Our True authentic Galactic Organic DNA .....

🌹🌹 Star Races Humans Embodiment Template's - Aquamarine [ Aqua Diamond Sun Helix Strands Template's] New Seeding [ 4 - 6 ] New Upgrades of New Systems 🌹

🌹 New Sophia Diamond Consciousness Energy Codes - New Naked Consciousness ✨️ 

** We are Still Deprogramming Old Matrices/ Attachments/ Ego Mind Control Collectives Systems/ Old Stories/ Old Mentalities/ Old Paradigms/ Old Mind Set Logical Patterns Systems to Break Up  All Old Frame Work.... 💎💓💎💓💎💓

***Purification of Sexual Abuse/ Sexual Misery Programming/ Unconscious & Old Mentalities / Old Relationship's With Self & Others [ People,  Places, Earth, Things, and Multiverse... 💎

 New Star Gate Aquamarine Aqua Diamond Age of Aquarius Divine Unconditional Love Intelligence Codes / New Template's are Integrating Now... To Assist Us with a New Rewrite within this Multiverse Structure of Pure Co Creation ( Soul/ Species/ Life ) 💎🌎💎

We are Still Dialing In [ New Galactic/ Galaxy/ Star Races Star Gate Systems from Higher Harmonic Universe's/ Galaxies/ Multiverses/ Dimensions/ Spaces of Existences Right Now... ♥️

Reminder to Hydrate Plenty of Water / Raise Your Vibrational Frequencies Through Happiness  - Joy 😊 

Anyone Reading this Post We Love You sooo Much ( Blessings/ Hope/ Prayers) To Our Star Family [ Tribes] 🎶💎🎶💎🎶💎

All Galactic Energy Updates Are Light Encoded Language of Light/ Source Transmission's By Akasha Ra Azurite & Galactic Commander Husband... 💕💎💕

We Appreciate all Light Energetic Exchanges of Love ❤️ 

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