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Galactic Solar Awakening for Humanity ! Monthly Free Gifts! New High Energy Dialing in!

Welcome to Our Ascension Star Born Stargate Krystalline Multidimensional Mastery School Website and Beyond!

Click Here to Expand Within! Our Ascension School!

Check Out All New Upcoming Event's on Our Homepage Star Ship Website!

All Quantum Consciousness Inner Active Teaching's Event's with Akasha Ra Azurite & Galactic High Councils of Light!!

And New Utopia Andara Shop Inventory Pure Love Gifts! ❤️

New Ascension High Energy Update ✨️

We are Sharing Our Sacred Ascension Cosmos Logos Galactic Journey with you/Our Family of Light! The Crazy, Bizzare, Way Out There , and Beyond the Galaxies is a Under Statement!

Reach for the Star you will Star Children of Light!

Last Night We Began a New Gateway Cycle Planetary New Frequency bandwidth Dialing in from the Higher Harmonic Universe's New Tune August 23rd 2am Mountain Time!

All Receiving Transmission's Dialing Sounds Like a Fax machine Transmission through the Spinal Cord & Godhead Network's ReTuning for Another Huge VEILS Removal/ Star Gates Opening for the 4D Consciousness Matrices/ 5D / 15D Beyond Out in the Collectives! New Tuning Higher Harmonic Template's New Universal Collectives Meaning All New Roles In this Now!

Cool Tuning Quantum Multidimensional Acceleration Light Speed Transition Family of Light!

Are you Ready for Change? Those are the VEILS Lifting, Clearing Massive Old Time-lines , Old Fixed Beliefs Systems and BEYOND! Let GO LET GO!

WE ARE about to Open Beyond Mastery Quantum Inner / Outer Shifts/ Vibrational Frequency Time-lines Galactic Gateway's to Whole New Creation Portal Star Earth Realities Within! New Galactic Quantum Multidimensional/ Parallel Universe's Within Unlocking Gates After Gates to Materialize the Full New Universe HD Vivid Galactic Holographic Diamond Light Realities Picture Out There....

Galactic New Universe Ascension Transition Higher Universe Means All Galactic Families in Community Unified on the Same Vibrational Time-lines! WE ARE the Galactic Guardian's Family....

Dream State New HD Station Update -

Sooo Cool ! We are Tuning the New Vivid Universe in the Dream State New HD Clear Vision!! There's No Vibrational Hiding in these Vibrational Frequency Bandwidths Time-lines all Is Seen/ Felt / Heard through Quantum Light Energetic Vibration of Who, What, Where Transmits From Deep Cellular Resonates Within..

All New Heart Chakra Systems Diamond Plasma Liquid Light! New Pearl Plasma Photonic SolarBODY!

High Pure Love Star Portal Energy Tuning to a Whole New World/ Universe/ Galactic Community Earth!

Ascension Body Temple -

Pay Attention to what Needs to Shift Within the Physical Body.. What's Out of Energetic Alignment? What Resonates Yesterday will Not Today That's How Fast We are Evolving Nano Seconds, and Light Speed Transition... Honor All Sacred Moments to See/ Feel/ HEAR the Physical Body! Nourishing the New Galactic Quantum Human Blueprint Expansion Experiences in a Whole New Multidimensional Way! New Eyes! New Heart Chakra Portals to Receive New Dialing in Frequency bands!

888 Lion's Gate Portal Gateway's Gifts -

Free StarBODY DNA Activator Transmission from Akasha Ra Azurite & Galactic High Councils of Light!

Free StarBODY DNA Activation Recording 🌹

Lyra Soul Code Activation -

Solar Phoenix Code -

Apply Coupon Code Before Check Out Promo Code 13% Off Individual Personal Energy Session Packages!

Apply " LightShip" 🐉 Schedule with Akasha Ra Azurite & Star Team Today!

35% Off Our Stargate Krystalline Multidimensional Mastery School....

Promo Coupon Code Apply Before Check Out "GalacticHuman" Promo Code!

Only Pre Recorded Workshop's/ Courses/ Lightbody DNA Activation's Packages!

We are Sharing our Sacred Light Language Gifts with Humanity to Assist During the Ascension Journey Expansion Cycles on the Planet!

We Support As One UNIFIED Heart Cosmic Earth CommUNITY of Rainbow Ray's of Light!

We Hope You Activate and Expand Beyond your existing Consciousness Existence in this Now!

This Solar Awakening for Humanity will be the Remembrance of Zero Point Fields Systems in this New Krystal Star Diamond Light Cosmic Multi Verses Grids!

Everything will GO LET GO Don't Hold ON! Evolution is New Shifting New Creations - Always Quantum Shifting!

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