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Galactic Star Races High Energy Update 11/27/23

New Galactic Quantum High Energy Update 11/27 / 23 -  ( 333  - 444 - 1010 - 111 - 632 - 44 - 888 - 432  Access Points)


New Gamma Star Merkaba Bodies Upgrades!

Higher Universal Star Merkaba Fields Systems Coming online....

Higher Chakras Christed Avatar Soul Activation Upgrades... All DNA Template's ❤️ 

New Time Vector Krystal Star Diamond Codes .. 💎

All New Kundalini Currents DNA Template's Coming Online.... 💎

All New God/ Goddess Sacred Solar Sun Rainbow Star Codes Activations

We are in Major Collectives Multidimensional Earth Template Wipe for Higher Multidimensional Earth's Systems & New Outer Planetary Earth Like PLANETS Access...

Old Energies Clearing/ Rewriting All New Energies/ New Realms/ New Higher Experiences/ New Realities to Materialize Higher Vibrational Harmonic Earth Systems 🌎

Deep Cellular Memories Akashic Cleansing through Our Multiverses Systems..... 💎

New Universe's/ Realities/ Parallel Systems Convergence Time-lines....

We are Dialing in New Star Gate Teleportion Gateway For Recoding Divine Feminine Upgrades...

Deep Cellular Memories Sacral Chakras/ Full Body Cleansing Activating Within our Physical Krystalline Star Plasma Bodies.... ♥️

We Appreciate your Energetic Exchanges of Light....

All Beautiful Star Races Reading this post we Send Blessings.... Healing/ Prayers/ New Hope Divine Sophia Diamond Activation's to All ..

Please Drink Plenty of Pure Clean Water/ High Vibrational Foods....

High Energy Update By Akasha Ra Azurite & Galactic Commander Divine Partner ✨️  All Writings are Light Star Particles Plasma Photonic Light Upgrades/ Language of Light/ Source Transmission's..  🌹

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