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Gifts For Sacred Passageways During Samhain.... Free Class to All and Coupons...

Greetings Divine One's,

Happy Samhain Sacred Passageways Star Gate Portal through New Conscious Shifts Within....

We are Sharing Our Sacred Divine Gifts from Starseed Evolution United Universal Empire!

We are Activating Our Divine Language of the God's Within the Realms of the Solar Ra Rainbow Ethers Solar God Realms! ✨️

Divine Magical Gifts for All Souls Aligned Gatekeepers , Whitelighter , GridKeeper , Galactic Guardian's , Divine Witches, Divine Wizards, and God's Here Within Our Utopia New Earth Light Ship Community....

List of Light Gifts 🎁

25% OFF Coupon Code Apply Before Check Out Promo Code ....

25% OFF All Services - Apply Promo Coupon Code "VioletFlameCodex"

25% OFF Coupon Code All Products from Our Utopia Andara Shop Inventory


25% OFF Coupon Code Apply For Our Stargate Mastery School Program - Apply Promo Code "MerlinCodes"

Divine ( NO CHARGE ) Divine Practitioner Co Creation Crystalline Class - How to Create a Quantum Light Crystalline Course - Galactic Style Free Class!

The Gifted Support Recording Transmission ( NO CHARGE QUANTUM Class) Free Divine Practitioner's Co Creation Crystalline Class - How to Build a Crystalline Quantum Course! 💫

We Activated Unicorn 🦄 Codes for Remembering Our Ascension Soul Agreement Conscious Contract for Full Service Roles!

Co Creator Activation's Upgrades - Solar Ra Rainbow Plasma Photonic Light Activation Transmissions ! 💌

We Flow Quantum Galactic Style to Co Create and Anchor High White Light Transmission Template's! 🌹

We Open Passageways Star Gates of Inspiring Crystalline Creations , New Earth Community Template's, Abundance, and Prosperity GridWork! 🐬

Awesome Creation Mastery School Class!

Click Link Here to Quantum Jump Galactic Style -

We Appreciate your Energetic Exchanges!

So Magical The 12D Diamond Template's Rolling in!!

We All Raise in High Frequencies During this New Earth Community Circle Meeting Gathering! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

We the Awesomeness Magical Expansion with All of Our Community!

We Appreciate All Energetic Exchanges ( Payments) for Our Divine Gifted Support, Sharing, Constribution , and Deep Sacred Pure Love Transmission! All Exchanges Are Supporting Our Universal Temple and Humanitarian Conscious Projects!

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