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Cosmic Thanksgiving Festival High Energy Update ✨️  11/23/2023  - 2323 - 1010 /1212 / 111 ( 13:13) Soul Cycle Ascension Planetary Intitations  - 444 - 772 - 881 - 888 Abundance Time LOCKS/ 777 Pure Love Consciousness Portal Opening!! 972 - 333 - 666 DNA Activation's Upgrades Cycle until March  - 323 - 5162 !!

Beautiful Gaia Inner/Exterior Worlds Opening All New Earth Realities/ Kingdom's/ High Multidimensional Earth's/ Parallel Earth's Available for New Soul Agreements 🤝

Beautiful Gaia Harvest Upgrades of Deep Sacred Gratitude for Our Sacred Ancestral Anicent Divine Key's/Lineages/ Soul Groups DNA Galactic Gene Code Rewrite ❤️ 

Words are "New Emerald Diamond Age Solar Return  - New Year For Our Universe's/ Parallel/ Rainbow Aurora New Earth Consciousness!

New Age of Aquarius Aquamarine Diamond Age 💎 Diamond Sophia Consciousness Return 🌹

We are Activating Sooooo Many New Template's of Our Inner Relationship with Self / All Relationship's Exterior.... To Shift Our Divine Original Organic Christed Infinite Soul   Template's to All New Organic Template's From Outer Worlds/ Universe's/ Dimensions/ Spaces of Existences..... or Co Creating Our Own Multi Verses Omega GodSource Systems With Our Physical Krystalline Diamond Body. 💎 

Opening Our Heart To See All We Have Around Us to Appreciate Every Role in this NOW PRESENCE STATE of Consciousness...

We Express Deep Sacred Gratitude To All Reading this Post Today ! Those with Family or Without.... We Send Love Deep Gratitude To Your Heart ❤️  Blessings 🐋 Oneness/ Deep Sacred Reconnection of Star Soul Tribe Sacred Unity Cosmic Web 🕸 

New Divine Diamond Sun/ Angelic/ Galactic Codes Coming Through ✨️ Today !

Stillness Diamond CodesOneness Diamond Sun Codes Blue Ray Diamond Star Codes Deep Inner Gratitude/ Exterior Gratitude Diamond Sun Angelic Human Blueprint Codes*Aqua Diamond Aquamarine Helix Strands Template's Aquamarine Diamond Sun Helix Strands Template's... 💎🌹💎🌹💎*New Emerald Diamond Age of Aquarius Gaia New Earth Cycle/ All Humanity Soul Cycles/ New Multi Verses Soul Groups Cycle Systems 🐉🌹🐉🌹🐉🌹🐉🌹🐉🌹🎵🌹🐉🌹

We Appreciate your Energetic Exchanges of Love Star Tribe / Deep Sacred Gratitude for your Sacred Reconnection from the Cosmos...

We are Sharing Soooo Much Today 😀  Joy 😊  Blessings 🐋!!! HEALING TO ALL ! ❄️🕸❄️

Remember All Transmission's ARE Source God Consciousness/ Prime Creator Translation of Akasha Ra Azurite & Galactic Commander Divine Partner ( Husband) 🌹🐉 All Cosmic Order Family of Love ❤️  Drink Plenty of Water Hydrate/ Enjoy This Beautiful Magical Festive Day of Pure Rich Galactic Gaia Mother Sacred Heaven Harvest ♥️♥️♥️♥️

All Pictures 📸 are Activation Transmissions ...

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Deep Sacred Gratitude for such Light!

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