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Hieros Gamos New Celestial Star Ray's Angelic Soul Mate Codes Update! High Energy Upgrades

Diamond Age Solar Awakening Quantum High Energy Update! 🐆 8/ 26th /23

We are Ascended! 💕💕💕

New Krystic Diamond Fields Systems Coming online ... New Seedings/ New Root Race Strands/ All New Awesome Krystic Diamond Merkaba Fields Codes.... Awesomeness!! 💕

We are Remembering OUR Inner Hieros Gamos Solar God/ Goddess Sacred Marriage Soul Union & Our External Angelic Soul Mate Sacred Hieros Gamos Solar Union ( New System Venus & Mars  - Venus & Saturn Planetary God/ Goddess Sacred Solar Deities Marriages) Our Divine Unique Energetic Signatures of Our Own authentic Blueprints/ Plates from All Spaces of Existence.... 🪽💞🪽💞🪽 Beautiful Divine Sacred Soul Agreements to Assist Us through the Organic Transition Of Full Christ God/Goddess Solar Sun/ Water - Sun/ AIR Elementals Embodiment  - Our Divine Advanced Krystalline Soul Ascended Selves Embodiment..... 🪽🪽We are Activating a New Star Throat Chakra/ Thymus/ Thyroid New Systems.... Divine Authenticity Systems.... Reversal Mind Control Programming Major New Grid Work.... Speak Your Highest Version Blueprints.... 🪽💎🪽

Major Reconstruction in Dream Waking State....

We Appreciate all Energetic Exchanges of Light .... Thank you for Awakening Remembering with Us !! BEAUTIFUL GAIA SOULS... 🌟


Morning In Utah Bryce Canyon Beautiful Red Rock Krystalline Rainbow Diamond Cities of the God's Worlds 🌎  Magical Morning! Waxing Moon - Detox- Let GO - Get Everything Done Pull the Trigger on Your Divine Soul Aligned Time-lines/ Desires!!! 💞

Activate with Our Andara Master Crystal Krystalline Diamond Plasma Liquid Light Ray's... Opalescent Pearl Tone - Pink Angelic Human Intelligence Pure Love Tone / Emerald Diamond Ray Plasma Photonic Light Tone - Baby Blue Angelic Intelligence Soul Mate Tone°°°

Beautiful Divine Cosmic Energies ! We love You ❤️

Click for Utopia New Earth Website- Starseedevolutionunited.Net

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Tiana Leigh
Tiana Leigh
Sep 13, 2023

You have fairies running all over your grass! So magical hehe

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