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Join Our Ascension Upgrades/ Symptoms & Crystalline Diamond Lightbody Workshop 3HR Event - $211 Per TICKET

Welcome To Our Utopia New Earth Workshop with Akasha Ra Azurite & Galactic Family!! We are Opening a Supportive Space for All Starseed's/ Angelic Humans On their Ascension Journey! Join Our 3 Hour Workshop To Guide Our Star Family Remembering Our Crystalline Diamond Bodies & Merkaba Diamond Bodies !! 💎

We are Hosting a Workshop this Sunday!!

Akasha Ra Azurite will go into Deep Remembrance Discussions about Our Crystalline Diamond Physical Body Vessel/ Crystalline Diamond Plasma Liquid Light Chambers of the Brain Organ / Quantum Computer System Physical Body Upgrades/ Activation's that We Lost Memory of Incarnating Here On Mother Earth's Holographic OverSoul/ Avatar Soul/ Source Universal Soul Experience...💎

This Will Be a Open Q & A Ascension Upgrades/ Symptoms Opening Space to Assist as Many On their Ascension Source Universal Soul Awakening/ Online Journey!!


**Please Bring Pure Clean Bottle Water, Relaxing Space, Headphones, and Crystals/ Andara's Master Crystals in to Our Sacred Space !! 💕💞💕

We Appreciate Your Cosmic Exchanges of Light/Constributions of Light Exchange 🌹

💕Thank you Star Beings for Awakening to Come Fully Online to Your Galactic Divine Original Blueprint.... We Celebrate Your Return to Gaia & Starseed Soul Mission Re - Emerging From Within....

💕 Gifts of Gratitude 💕

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