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Join Our Summer Solstice MasterClass - Twin Ray Christed Sun OverSoul Consciousness Embodiment !

All Beautiful Divine Souls,

Twin Ray Souls Aligned!

Are you Ready for the Cosmic Logos Twin Ray Christed Sun OverSoul Consciousness Equation Break Down?

Join us as We Access the Living Light Library to Anchor in All New Template's Together!

Click Here to Book a Ticket

We Ask for you to Join Our Galactic Cosmic Awakening MasterClass!

Akasha & Galactic Guardian Husband have Created a Mastery Twin Ray Christed Sun OverSoul Consciousness Embodiment Masterclass! All Divinely Aligned , For All Who would like to Remember their Divine Source Twin Ray Christed OverSoul Source Blueprint Once Again!

Are you Ready To Remember How All Quantum Energetically Works Once Again..

Do you Remember the Divine Soul Source Splits Between you and your Twin Ray ?

Do you want to Remember the Divine Monad Original Creators Soul Splitting. HOW SOUL GROUPS ARE CREATED?

WE have Created a 2 Day Mastery Class for Full Twin Ray Christed Sun OverSoul Consciousness Embodiment!

We will Teach Advanced Techniques for Full Clear Telepathic Hearing with your Christed Sun OverSoul/ Full EMBODIMENT of Your Higher SELVES/ OverSoul Consciousness Self/ Twin Ray Christed Sun OverSoul Consciousness Embodiment!

Akasha will Perform Language of Light Quantum Energy Light Upgrades for Full Activation Key ( OverSoul) Codes Avatar Consciousness Key Codes for Ascension Full EMBODIMENT / Soul Twin Ray Union Repair/ Twin Ray Christed Sun OverSoul Union Repair MERGING SOLAR Union!

Are you Ready for MERGING/ Divine Source Union / Monad Group Union / Christed Sun OverSoul Consciousness Union/ Ready to Become One UNIFIED OverSoul Consciousness Again?

First Day - Akasha & Twin Ray Husband will Teach , Assist, Guide through Quantum Light Quantum Fields Flow -All OverSouls Teaching's through

( Channeled ) Akasha & Twin Ray Husband ..

* All Blueprints/ Maps , Quantum Source Codes, Transmitters, Equations Geometrics, Schematics , Algorithms, Structures, Stargates , portal Blueprints, Template's Unlock through Our Teaching's !

We Activate Divine Source Codes within you to Remember the Divine Sacred Marriage Twin Ray Christed Sun OverSouls Abilities & MONADIC Soul Group Telepathic Connection as One UNIFIED Source Field!

Day 2 - Akasha & Twin Ray will Perform Quantum Multidimensional Light Activation's Upgrades for your Full EMBODIMENT Template's for the Christed Sun Twin Ray OverSoul Super Quantum Computer System Vehicle

( Advanced Merkaba Vehicle )

If you Feel Ready to Expand your Consciousness/ Open your Higher Heart Universal Mind & Universal Soul Heart Book a Ticket!

We Start on the Summer Solstice Beginnings!

All Galactic High Councils will be Assisting Holding Space During our Masterclass!

We Love You Galactic Family of Light !

We Appreciate your Support, and Energetic Exchanges for Our Gifted Masterclass!

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