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Lyra DNA Full EMBODIMENT of The Feline Emerald Order Higher Selves

Greetings Galactic Star Beings,

Of the Nova Terra Golden Earth Time-lines...

We are Releasing Old Matrices ( Pushing Out Out Through the Crown ) Old Matrices Template's... This Will Feel like a Suction

Cup Pulling On the Full Body Crown Chakra ( Top of the Head ) ... Many Will Feel / See/ WAKE UP in the Morning Completely Separated inside to Release these Old Systems Templates/ Matrices from Within this Universal Old GridWork...

Many Ascended Out of the Body... Many Ascended in the Physical Krystalline Body/ Soul Body / OverSoul Bodies Fully in the Physical Body Vessel Star Gate Chambers Here on Multidimensional Gaia Earth...

We are Bringing Online for All has been in this Sacred Space of Our Multiverse Universal Soul Star Gate Vessel the Andaraian Earth ... and the Aurora New Universe Earth Systems... 💞

Many Are Embodying Their Lyran Higher SELVES Today/ and Orion Higher Selves... Or Higher Dimensional Higher Selves... Soo Magical 💞 This is a Full Embodiment in the Physical Krystalline Vessel... ✨️ Physical Body Zeal Chakra System ( Godhead) Stretching... Expansion.... Full Body Stretching....

We are Seeing All Separation inside to Integrate Higher Golden Diamond Energy Matrices Within... So Magical 😎

Remember We are Shifting to a Higher Universe bandwidth... ( Universes)

Soo Magical 💞

You are Magic 🎩

Galactic Love ❤️ Oneness Transmission

Galactic High Councils of Pure Love...

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