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New Celestial Starseed Andara Master Crystal Creation's Activation's High Energy Update ♥️

️✨️️Good Morning Beautiful Starseeds ✨️✨️

We are Activating New Andara Diamond Light Codes/ Goddess Hathor Soul Star DNA Activation's/ Starseed Celestial Star Born Soul Source Codes/ Egyptian Gold & White New Atlantis Krystalline Diamond Plasma Liquid Light Bodies Soul Codes / Christed Avatar Soul Aurora Solar Sun Codes / New Celestial Star Ray's Mermaid Diamond Lightbody  DNA Activation's/ Emerald Diamond Age Solar Codes/ Divine Pure Love Intelligence Diamond Photonic Light Solar Source Light Codes / New Rainbow Blue Ray Solar Platinum/ Golden Diamond Liquid Plasma Energy Matrix World's/ Realities Inner Universe!!

✨️⚓️✨️⚓️ Trillions of Template's are Integrating at a Warp Speed.... ⚓️ We are Anchoring All New Holographic HD Vivid HOLOGRAMS/ Experiences / Inner Realities as We collapse/ Break Up/ Dissolve All Old Systems [ Old 5D/ 7D  Systems] Shifting to 12D & BEYOND 💕🧜‍♀️💕🧜‍♀️

New Recoding 🌎  1111 - 222 - 1144 - 746 - 846 - 796 - 786 - 459 -  888 - 777 - 1121 - 555 - 1010 - 1213 - 1212 All New Systems  -

We Send Soooo Much Love ❤️  Oneness Deep Heart Opening ❤️ Blessings to Our Utopia New Earth Community GridKeeper & Starseeds!

We Created Andara Master Crystals Cosmic Creation's 🔮 This Morning for our Star Family to view/ Activate with us as a Divine Union Community!!!🧜‍♀️💕🧜‍♀️💕

Reminder 💖  We Love You  - We Send Healing/ Prayers for your transitions  Transformation to come with our Galactic Whole New World 🌎

Enjoy Activate with Our Beautiful Light Encoded Language of Light Transmission's by Akasha Ra Azurite & Galactic Family.... 🧜‍♀️

Utopia New Earth Community/Projects  - Starseed's/ Quantum Multidimensional New Earth Guide/ Coach/ Master Merkaba Teacher - Website  - Starseedevolutionunited.Net

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