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New Gaia Triple Diamond Emerald Sun Helix Template's - High Energy Update!

High Energy Update- 11/14/2023 Emerald Triple Diamond Sun Helix Strands Template's!

New Gaia Earth Template's Activation within the New Organic Diamond Plasma Liquid Photonic Light Energy Matrices!

New Universe's are Fully Available for Access to Explore and Elevate Consciousness within the Diagram of the New Emerald Diamond Earth Realities/ Structures/ New Cosmic Emerald Diamond Earth Worlds... 🐉

New Emerald Order Feline Races/ Star Gate Portals/ Systems and Template's Activation Codes - Emerald Order Krystal Codes .... New Translation of the Organic Original Blueprints 💎

Activation of the New Emerald Heart ❤️

Reset and READJUSTMENT of our Universe's of God Consciousness 🙏

NEW Gaia Earth Systems Fully Available as All will Access within your Organic Original Lightbodies Systems.... 🐆

Green Tara New Heart Chakra Attunements Codes Activation/ Deep Inner Peace Codes ...🌹🐆🌹🐆

High Energy Activation Upgrades Coming Online !! 🌹

Blue Star Template's/ Krystal Blue Star Codes Activation to Assist with the Black Star  Network's 🌟 

Emerald Order Solar Dragon Twin Ray's Krystal Blue Ray Codes! Blue Ray Diamond Solar Rainbow Diamond Krystic 💎 Codes ! 🌹

We Appreciate your Energetic Exchanges of Light Divine Beautiful Family! 🐉💎🐉

We Send Blessings And Prayers To All Reading this post 🐉

We Activate Abundance, Prosperity, and Diamond Emerald Order Light!

All Light Encoded Transmission's are a Activation of Pure Love Consciousness Harmonious Light ! Drink Plenty of Pure Clean Water! 🎶  - Explore Our Utopia New Earth Community! 🌎 Visionary Project's!

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