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Cosmic New Worlds/ Realities/ Universe's/ Mother Gaia Earth Galactic Ship Energy Update!! ⚓️🌹⚓️ 111 - 444 - 333 - 1133 - 752 - 92 - 719 - 888 - 1121 - 1011 - 0111 - 0110 Angelic Devas - 892 - 7651 - 45 - 44 - 222 - 782

We have New Quadrants Systems Activating as Experience Meter Showers [ Quadrantid] Showers for Our Celebration of the Powerful Gateway's

[ New Beginnings] 1/11 - 1/17 Activation Reset for Our New Energy Cycle! Venus Rising Tonight & Tomorrow within the Night Sky !! Soo Beautiful as we Activate Venus & Mercury for Our Sacred Divine Hieros Gamos Counterpart Marriage Soul Union Return ❤️  1/10 - 1/12 Soooo Powerful as we Open the Hieros Gamos Krystalline Temples of Aphrodite & Hermès of the Sacred Schools of the Christed Sophia!! Fully Anchored!

We Activate Saturn through our High Power/ The Alchemist Template's on 13th /14th of January Triple Diamond Emerald Trinity Activation within our Physical Krystalline Starbody

[ Starseed/Angelic Humans Races on the Planet] Trinity Center [ Saturn, Mercury, and Venus ] New Energy Center, New Higher Power, New DNA Template's Anchoring as we Access Our Inner Alchemy of the Return of Planetary Systems... 🧜‍♀️⚓️🧜‍♀️⚓️🧜‍♀️⚓️

1/11 New Moon Solar Activation's for New Beginnings/ Anicent Akashic Records Template's Fully Coming online ♥️  We will Experience All New Higher Quadrants [ New Higher Realities/Dimensions/ Spaces/ Worlds / Realms/ DNA / Kingdom's Coming Online !! Divine Mother Gaia's New Gifts for us to Access Higher Earth Systems [ New Holographic HD Vivid Creation's] For Us ! New Worlds to Access Full Gate systems online to Translocate [ Teleportion] To Her New Worlds she's Creating for Us to Access!! Full Galactic/ Star Races Humans Embodiment.... 🐉🌹🐉

Awesome Experiences ... As we Clean up All Old Systems/ Matrices/ Collectives Grid Systems within our Physical Krystalline Starbodies.... lots of Sleep 😴 Rest Honoring the Physical Body.  ⚓️🌹⚓️🌹⚓️

Jupiter Planetary New Star Gate Grids Systems Activating within the Multiverse/ Physical Body/ Planetary Body for All [ Star Races / Angelic Human on this Planet]  New Beginnings, Abundance, Prosperity, and Co Creation Krystalline Quantum Plasma Fields Activating for More Access of Materialization

[ HUman Words Manifestation] New Upgrades for Faster Co Creation of Materializing Our Highest Realities/ Dreams/ Creation's of our HD Vivid Vision Of Our Divine Interior/ Exterior Galactic/ Cosmic/ New Earth's/ New Worlds Within

Beautiful ♥️ Experiences as we Upgrade the Physical Krystalline Starbody To a New System... 🐉🌹🐉🌹

Beautiful Meteorite Showers for the Beginning of January through the 17th !! 🐉⚓️🐉⚓️

We Created Activating Pictures 📸 for Our Full Experiences Here in Bryce Canyon Utah!! Soo Magical 💞 💞 To See the Fireballs Activate Our Experience... Definitely Clearing Millions of Timelines Here! 🐉🌹🐉🌹🐉🌹

Quantum Light Activation Source Translation Writing By Akasha RA Azurite & Galactic Commander Husband!

Cosmic Love Councils/ Galactic Beings/ Galactic Star Races / Emerald Order Feline Races/ God Realms Downloads 🌹⚓️🌹


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