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New Moon Solar Shift Special 44% Off Promo Code "LIGHTWORKERS "

Greetings Star Family,

Unlock the New Magic with Akasha Ra Azurite!

Rebuild your New Earth Realities Within 🌎

Starseed Evolution Channel Website

New Moon Cosmic Gateway's Special!

Promo Coupon Code!

We Have Fully Shutdown 3D Consciousness Realities!! We are Going Through a Major Cosmic Recalibration I'm the Collectives of the Planetary Systems!

Major Purification All Old Earth Energies Fixed Beliefs Systems Programming/ AI Programming/ Separation from God Consciousness Full EMBODIMENT Recoding , Reconnection to Source / Creator Codes Within!

Akasha is Now Receiving All New Christos Sophia Diamond Template's/ New Christos Sophia Avatar Consciousness Template's!

We Would Love to Open the Divine Doorways to All Aligned to The New Cosmic Quantum Light Activation Template's Streaming in All whose Energetically Aligned by their Higher Selves to Recalibrate , Recode, Restructuring a New Gateway Portal Template's!

Our Schedule for Individual Personal Quantum Energy Session's our Fully Open for June and July!! 44% OFF Coupon Promo!

We Do Book Fast Star Ray's Community!

We Will Energetically Align this Offer until our next Cosmic Rainbow Gateway's 🌈 June 11th!

Apply Coupon Code Before Check Out




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