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New Universal High Energy Update 12/3/23 - New Cycle Activation Winter New Earth 🌎

Cosmic New Earth Living/ Universe's Bandwidths High Energy Update!! 12/3/23

New Cosmic Star Codes 🌟 Activation  - Higher Galactic Realities/ Worlds/ New Quantum Plasma Fields Activating in the New Planetary Bodies! 💓💓💓

12:12 - 1010 Spin Cycles

Massive Collectives Template's Wiping  - All Old Systems Collapsing in the Multiverse Systems.... Gaia's Earth Ship will Upgrade for 6 Years... 💓

 All New Galactic Quantum Plasma Fields/ New Galactic Higher Earth Systems/ Realms / New Community support all Available Now...💎

Physical Star Races Hybrid Humans Higher Earth Galactic Systems Available Now... 💎 Physical Interior/ Exterior Galactic Relationship's.... ♥️🌎♥️🌎

New Golden Celestial Twin Ray Relationship's  -  We are Able to Access all Spaces in Time/ All Universe's/ Higher intimate Encountering / Sharing/ Deep Profound Love ❤️ 

Galactic New Human Blueprints/ Relationship's/ Galactic Soul Groups Reconstruction/ Recorrection/ Restoring All New Template's 💓💎💓💎💓

We are Experiencing Soooo Much More Beyond the Construction of the Old Systems/ Old Stories/ Mentalities/ Old Paradigms of 3D / 4D Body Systems  - Interior/ Exterior Old Holographic Grid Systems are Dissolving/ Dismantling to Elevate Us Up 😀  To a Higher State of Consciousness/ Super Quantum Galactic Consciousness  - Waaaaayyyyyyy Outer space  - Universal Super Consciousness Expansion 💎❤️💎❤️💎❤️💎

New Outer Space Chakra/ Body Template's Upgrades...

Anicent Energies Upgrades  - Anicent Divine Key's Activation/ Anicent Akashic Records Template's...

All Beautiful Souls Reading this Beautiful Light Language / Omega GodSource Transmission.... We Send Blessings, Healing, Love ,Rainbows  and Prayers to all..... May you be Blessings with All Creation's/ Desires...... 💕

Akasha Ra Azurite & Galactic Commander Divine Partner Light Encoded Writings/ Downloads of New Daily Frequencies  - Experiences .....

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Thank you, we are sending much Quantum Krystalline Physical Light back to you dear Star Family!💓


Anitha Vasudevan
Anitha Vasudevan
Dec 04, 2023

Thank you. What is 1212 1010 spin cycles? I always see 1212 and 1010 numbers everywhere.

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