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New Utopia Andara Activation's Set ! Cosmic Galactic Gateway Portal!

Welcome to Our Utopia New Earth Andara Shop!

We Spent Quantum Multidimensional 5D & BEYOND Together with these New Babies that we now Gift to You!

They Go Fast to their New Soul Union Contracts Sacred Marriage Within Seconds!! We will post more by Tuesday!

Activate Your Divine Crystalline Diamond Avatar Angelic Human DNA Blueprint!

We Activated ( Programmed) these Sacred Magical Blue Ray Phoenix Twin Ray & Pearl White Phoenix Opalescent Twin Ray for 2 Months!

These are Universal Multidimensional Cosmic Source Transmitters of Holographic Crystalline Plasma Photonic Light Quantum Energy Matrix!

Each Sacred Andara is a individual Universal Krystal Star Multidimensional World!

This Sets Tones are Quantum Light Pearl Plasma Photonic SolarBODY Liquid Light Activation Transmission!

*Phoenix Blue Ray Sapphire Twin Ray Fire Tone - Blue Flame Fire Phoenix Energies

*White Phoenix Opalescent Pearl Plasma Twin Ray Soul Union - Ice Phoenix Energies

To Activate Your Crystalline Pearl Plasma Phoenix Merkaba Vehicle Super Quantum Computer System!

They Assist Create Divine Sacred Marriage Soul Union Within to Materialize out There!

*Deep Deep Cellular Memories Clearing, Releasing, Ego Dissolving 3D Consciousness 4D Consciousness Matrix Programming!

This Set Support Super Quantum Phoenix Soul Cycle Ego Deaths & Rebirth, Rewiring Repair, Recalibrating All New Heaven on Earth Realities from Within!

Remember Your Ancient Sacred Divine Soul Union Template's Divine Love Partnership!

Click to Unlock Doorways Twin Flame Phoenix -

New Christed Pleiadian Green Starseed Galactic DNA Activator Andara!

We Activated ( Programmed) These Magical Pleiadian Green Tone Andara to Assist you with Activating your Starseed Consciousness Galactic DNA Origins!

These Sacred Andara Cosmic Consciousness Collectives Family Our Individual Universal Soul Quantum Multidimensional Consciousness Existence Source Transmitters / Multi Verses Systems Universals or Krystal Star Diamond Particles Systems and BEYOND!

* This Magical Pleiadian Stargate Assist with Unlocking 5th Dimensional Quantum Multidimensional Realities from Within You!

We Programmed a Diamond Plasma Liquid Light Universal Solar Systems Within this Andara! A Whole Pleiadian Multidimensional World !

Remember Your Star Born Galactic Quantum Multidimensional Consciousness Existence with this Solar Flare Baby!

Click Here to Open Passageways To Your Divine Pleiadian Starseed Origins Now

Next Utopia New Earth Systems Andara GridKeepers Set !

Christed Crystalline Dragon Twin Ray Abundance Andara Set!

Christ Consciousness Sacred Union Within

Unlock New Earth Time-lines Heaven on Earth Golden Age Wealth/ Abundance! Pure Unconditional Love Codes/ Super Divine Intelligence/ Pure Divine Wisdom/ Pure SACRED Soul Ignition from Within! *Ruby Ray Deep Garnet Tone - Divine Crystalline Diamond Ruby Dragon Energies - Deep Ancestral Karmic Cleansing - Releasing Cellular Memories *Pleiadian Green Stargate Tone - Divine Crystalline Diamond Pleiadian Dragon Energies - Golden Age Wealth & Abundance 5D /12D Quantum Multidimensional Consciousness Existence

Remember Your Ancient Galactic Memories Within your Divine Avatar Angelic Human DNA Blueprint Template's!

Click Here to View your New Sacred Ascension Abundance Time-lines Doorways -

We Gifted these babies to our Divine Soul Family Collectives After Working, Playing, Expand to Quantum Pure Love Existence with these Babies!

We Hope you Unlock as Much Multidimensional Magical Realities Within you with them!

Galactic Cosmic Heart Blessings,

Akasha Ra Azurite & Galactic FAMILY OF LIGHT

I'll post more in a few days, We have all New Cosmic Shaman Andara's Coming Soon! Egyptian Golden Age God DNA Activator too!! ✨️

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Jordan Volpe
Jordan Volpe
May 22, 2022

I would like to purchase a set from you when available these have been singing to me for a few weeks

May 23, 2022
Replying to

We have them Available for purchase Now on our website! Go to Our ( Andara Sets) click on link above


Mary Doccuvi
Mary Doccuvi
May 22, 2022


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