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New Weekend Workshop! How to Materialize your Soulmate Divine Union-Transcending Sex & Relationship

RECALL- Remember We are Co Creator's of Source... Relearn How to Create/ Manifest/ Materialize Your Soulmate Divine Union through Programming Your Super Quantum Computer System Light Ship!!! We Create Our Realities through Language of Light! Join Our 3 Hour Workshop!!

Tickets $333USD

Welcome to our Utopia New Earth Consciousness Visionary Community!!

We are Facilitating a Live Virtual Online Zoom Call Workshop!! October 7th 5pm MT - 7pm Est !! QUANTUM JUMP GALACTIC STYLE WITH OUR LIGHT EMISSARIES!!

Akasha Ra Azurite & Galactic Divine Union Partner Co Created a 3 Hour Workshop To Assist Humanity/ Soul Family RECALL/ REMEMBER Source Creator Roles /Quantum Multidimensional Selves/ Avatar Selves Within!!

We are Teaching/ Activating/ Guiding All Energetically Aligned To our Workshop in this Now to Program through Language of Light ( Sound, Colors, Source Light, and Light Codes ) to Materialize their Soulmate / Soulmates Divine Union/ Life Soul/ Galactic Soul Starseed Life Partners ..... We are Able to Co Create / program our Super Quantum Diamond Vehicle ( Diamond Krystalline Computer System) to Create/ Materialize our Realities/ Soul Agreements/ All We Desire of Pure Krystalline Diamond Consciousness/ Higher States of Consciousness Interior/ Exterior GridWork.....

We are Opening Higher Source/ Galactic/ Divine New Human Discussions about Shifting Paradigms Within our Etheric/ Krystal Body Computer Consciousness / Krystal Emotional Body Template's of Sex/ Relationships Beliefs/ Old Ancient Energy/ Old Ancestral Patterns/ Realms/ Spaces of Time...Beyond the Beyond... Always Much More ...... as We Galactic Flow through Light ....

We Invite all with our Energy Exchanges ( Payment) with Love, Open Heart's, Open Universal Minds , All Starseeds , and Souls of Ascension Returning to Pure Love/ Krystal Star Beings/ Organic Original Angelic Human Blueprint...

We Request All Suggested Items-

Art Tools

Sketchbook Colored pens

Crystals / Andara's Master Crystals

Ascension Tools

Instruments/ drums

Sound / Color/ light

Pure Clean Water

Relaxing Space

Tea and Coffee

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