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Quantum Jump - Galactic Full Moon In Cancer - Energy Upgrade Transmission

Full Moon In Cancer - Opening the New Gateway's to the Remembrance of The 14 Lyra Sun's - Lyra Galactic Cosmic Sun's - Violet Plasma Photonic Light & Rainbow Aurora Cosmic Ray's - Neon Plasma Photonic Light - Quantum Jumping Galactic Style - Activation - Multi Verses Time-lines Jumping! 💕

What's Coming Up in Your Conscious Light Field Now - See - Here - Feel - Will Be What is Out of Alignment Within Your Krystalline Physical Body - We are Activating New Galactic Quantum Human Consciousness Blueprints! 🕊

We are Releasing Old Programming Systems on a Deep Cellular Level .... Skeleton Structure...💕💕💕

What are we Co Creating for 2023 - Calling Forth Our New Nova Terra Golden Diamond New Earth Realities... New Higher New Time-lines!🐬

Cosmic Downloads from Lyra -

New Words From Lyra Galactic Sun's Center -

🛸 New Consciousness

🛸New Krystalline Golden Ray Galactic Human Consciousness

🛸 New Golden Galactic Aurora Nova Terra Earth Consciousness

🛸 New Krystalline Diamond Plasma DNA Template's Meaning Everything Shifts to New Universal Soul Higher Earth Time-lines!

🛸 New Galactic Quantum Human Divine Blueprint

🛸New Galactic Quantum Shift

*Remember Your Galactic Soul Luminous Light 🕊🛸🕊🛸🕊🛸🕊🛸











Galactic Divine New Quantum FAM !

We Love You ! Remember Your Blessings Transmit from Your Higher Galactic Heart!!

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