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Rainbow Diamond Light Codes ✨️ Magical 11:11 Portal! Christed Light Activation Transmission

Galactic Jump Galactic Gateway's 🛸🛸

Divine Family Cosmic Council's of Light on Gaia Earth.... WayShowers, GridKeeper, Gatekeeper , and Light Weavers...

Get Ready To Jump Galactic Style 🕊🕊

Massive Collectives 7D  - 12D

Multidimensional Galactic Center Quantum Jump ! Massive Multi Verses Star Gate Jumping until January 17th !

444 - Phoenix Soul Cycle Ego Deaths!

623 Starseed Phoenix Sun Cycle Galactic Ego Deaths!

1111 New Beginnings Galactic New Consciousness

555 - Collectives Massive Quantum Jump - Time-lines Collapses!

777 - New Consciousness  - New Co Creations!

888 Infinity GridWork Remembrance Unity Consciousness Template's

11:33 New Super Quantum Human Krystalline Systems  !

New Lightbodies/ New Merkaba Bodies Upgrades...

Remember to Journal Your New Co Creations  - New Human Divine Consciousness Desires!

What are you Calling Forth?

What Will Be Your New Mission ✨️?

What New Awesome Galactic Passageways are Calling in Starseeds?

What Divine New Human Blueprints- Light Codes are Your Sharing/ Anchoring ⚓️ in Starseeds  & Whitelighters!! 🌺🌺🌺 ???

Share Below??

We Love You ❤️ Galactic Cosmic Heart Light Ship Community!

Remember Your the Star Light Pouring Galaxies of Love Through the Inner Temple Core!!

Remember Your Pure Love for Your Heart!

Share Below Your Magic!! Share Your Soul Co Creations in Our Utopia New Earth Community Light Ship Chat ! Below!

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Galactic Family!

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Amethyst Alchemist
Amethyst Alchemist
Jan 16, 2023

💜☮️💜Thank you all BEings! We love and honor all BEings in the purest Love and Most Brilliant Amethyst Diamond Coded Plasma Exquisite Rainbow Platinum Silver Golden Christed Krystalline Light Receiving galactic starseed abundance and fun in Highest Timeless! Pure Love and Trust templates with the highest God Goddess Divine Child God/ Source states of consciousness and violet flame in all time space and dimensions!!! Big hugs and soooo much Love to I/we/you/all BEings (ONE LOVE!)💜☮️💜 you are so phenomenal Akasha! Thank you for your embodiment of your Highest Purest Love Form of Beautiful God Self!💜☮️💜 thank you for quantum teachings and healing gifts bestowed on all!

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