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Rainbow Ray Full Moon Website Gifts! 50% Our School Curriculum

Welcome to Our Stargate Multidimensional Mastery School Children of the Light!

We are the School of the New Earth Systems Goddess and God's, WayShowers, Ascension Guides, Gatekeepers, and Gridkeepers!!

We are Calling 4 Spots Open for our Goddess Isis Andara Krystal Healing, Channeling, an Body Scanning 5 Week Curriculum / We Start our Anicent Divine Sacred Pathways with Isis Tomorrow at 5:55pm Mountain Time!

Our Group is a Sacred Small Space! Currently Discounted all Ready Value of $1 ,444 for Full Live VIRTUAL Group Classes for Only $333

Click Here To Sign Up -

We Our Currently Offering 50% Off All Pre-recorded Workshop's/ Courses/ Lightbody DNA Activator Packages Today Plus More .....

Our Full Moon Gift to you All Family of Light ....

Apply Coupon Code Before Check Out Promo Code "777" FullMoon50% Off Gift ! Remember Code "777" to Receive 50% Off Until August 8th Lion's Gate!

We Have More Sacred Star Gate Passageways Available for you to Open New Gateway's on your Sacred Ascension Journey Expansion on Gaia!

All 50%Off Applies to Our Stargate Mastery School Program's Curriculum Below ....

888 Lion's Gate Star Born Lyra DNA Orgins Curriculum! 50%OFF Now

3 Spots Open Only !

All Galactic High Frequencies Multi Time-line Jumping with the Lyran Council's!! We Start 8/8/22 888 Lion's Gate Portal!

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Goddess Sekhmet 14 Keys of Light 14 Weeks Live VIRTUAL Cosmic Shamanic Ceremonial Meditation Journey Class

Intuitive Awakening Mentoring Guidance Curriculum! 50%OFF Now

Only 4 Spots Open Now for this Sacred Soul Contract Space for Humanity!

Starts 11/11/22

Personal Individual Mentoring Krystalline Starbody Activation Monthly or One Month Only Plan Now 50% Off

Click Here to Activate Your Original Divine Crystalline Avatar Angelic Human DNA Blueprint Today!

Apply Coupon Code Before Check Out Promo Code "777" FullMoon50% Off Gift ! Remember Code "777" to Receive 50% Off Until August 8th Lion's Gate!

Welcome to Our Utopia New Earth Systems Projects CommUNITY!

All "Payments " for All We Share, Constribute, Provide, and Create goes to our Utopia New Earth Conscious Projects for All Higher Levels of Consciousness Realities/ Living/ Humanitarian Evolution on our Highest Contracts on this Planet! We Appreciate your Contributions and Energetic Exchanges Support!! We Love you Galactic Family of Light On Gaia Earth! Deep Gratitude for all you Anchor in as High FREQUENCY HOLDERS of Light!

Remember to Embrace the Full Moon Quantum Multidimensional Realities Shifting/ Releasing/ Upgrading All Within on a Deep Cellular Levels! Remember the Beauty of Divine Pure Essence of All Within You! Unlock Remembrance Anicent Divine Sacred Star Portals Within!

Happy Full Moon Solar

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