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Sacred Sexuality and Inner child Healing to Restore and Reclaim our Divine Goddess within!

Join us in this Sacred Journey for 9 weeks to RISE ONCE AGAIN to Restore the Triple Goddess within!

We get together each week Live in a Sacred Space as One UNIFIED Heart Consciousness Field of Light Community & Quantum Accelerate as we dive deep with Phoenix initiations codes to:

  • Heal scared wounds and restore Sacred Sexuality

  • Cleanse and Purify our Womb from all Dark Mother Programming

  • Dissolve and Heal our Ego Aspects to Restore our Sacred Inner child

  • Fully Restore the Divine Triple Goddess within

  • Truly break free of and embody the union within and much more!

You will receive a Beautiful Utopia Andara set and 10 Recorded Bonus Activations to assist in further Integration and Mastery.

We would also be offering Intuitive Guidance for All Spiritual Awakening to their Spiritual Leadership Roles

For more details:


Note: Recordings are available for those who cannot attend Live.

PS. As One UNIFIED Heart Community Your Realities will Dissolve to Create the All New Earth Realities Within!!! 🌎 Please Way for All New to come In!!

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