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Solar Diamond Age of Golden Aquarius High Energy Update & Andara Morning UTAH Activation Pictures

Solar Diamond Age Of Aquarius High Energy Update - 10/03/23

Solar Diamond Gatway High Energy Update ✨️ 10/3/2023 Powerful Vortex for All Deep Cellular Memories/ Akashic Records RECALL  - Deep Cellular Memories Purification Process 4D bandwidths/ Systems/ All Relationships/ Soul Contracts Are Completed...  We are at a Zero Point No Time-lines  - Beautiful Open Higher Consciousness Experiences with Loved Ones/ All Soul to Soul RECONNECTION  - Heart to Heart Soul Union....

We are Being Asked to Realy Look at what We/ Oversoul/ Galactic Soul Are Creating in this NOW .... We are Observing Our Advanced Soul ( Infinite Being) Creations on this Holographic Mother Earth Light Ship Experience Experiment ✨️  We are Observing to Complete all 4D Matrices Creations / Higher Dimensional Creations Realities/ Realms to Activate  - Co Create Our New Cosmic Diamond New Earth / New Human/ New Version of Us..... Reaaaallllyyyy Stretching Our Physical Body Diamond Consciousness to Fully Integrate Higher Harmonic Universe's ( Avatar Selves) - Prime Creator OMEGA COMPUTER Godsource Systems Transmission's and Chistos Sophia Diamond Transmission's 💎 All Access within the Krystal Star Diamond Body ( Physical) Systems.... 💎✨️💎✨️💎✨️

Major Reversal Mind Control Systems are Deprogramming ( Child Experiences) - ( Teen Experiences) All Activating a Major Template Wipe - All Etheric Template's are Activating Major Wipes within this Universe... [ This Universal Structure **** Our Universe *** is Activating a Etheric/ Krystal Body Computer Hard Drive Template's Wipe in this Now as Well.. 🕊🕊🕊

We are Activating the Next Major Cosmic/ Galactic/ Universal Soul/ Selves / Godsource Shifts to Fully Embody Our True ( Star Race - Angelic Human DNA Strands - Blueprints  - Template's  - New DNA ) .....  We are as Galactic Star Beings are Activating Our New Divine Power - Divine Truth *** authentic**** Template's to Really Hold The Organic Original Galactic Star Born Angelic Human Blueprint  / Galactic Star Race Hybrid Human Organic Original Template's in place - To Anchor Fully / TO Bring the Systems & New Systems DNA Strands Systems Fully Online.... ✨️🕊✨️✨️🕊

Arcturian Assistance From Our Planetary Halls Records for the Next Systems Go to Adjust/ Recorrect a Timeline/ Space Within the Zero Point... 🪷🕊🪷🕊🪷🕊🪷🕊🪷

New Solar Dragon Eggs Cosmic Plasma Electrical Blue Shields  - Blue Ray Dragon Plasma Shields - New Krystal Star Diamond Technology/ Universal Forces [ New GridWork Assistance]

**** Christos Sophia Consciousness - Yeshua Krystal Codes  - Sliver Blue Star Dust Codes 🕊

*** Andara Ray Tone - Amber Honey Tone For Full Drive to Co Create All New Awesome Realities.. 🪷🕊🪷🕊🪷🕊

*** Ruby Cosmic Gamma Ray ✨️💛🕊*** Yellow Andara Diamond Plasma Tone 💎🕊💛✨️*** Neon Yellow Tone 💛

Reminder  - We love You  - Activate New High Vibe Experiences  - Honor Your Beautiful Body - Honor Your Soul - Love Yourself You're Divine Beautiful Soul...


Drink Pure Clean Water 🕊🪷🕊🪷🕊 

Akasha Ra Azurite Co Creator of Utopia New Earth Projects 🌎

We love You ❤️

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