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Solar Eclipse Beltane Holy God and Goddess Union Stargate Passageway Rites Workshop Tomorrow

Greetings Star Community,

We are Hosting a Solar Eclipse Sacred Marriage God and Goddess Holy Union Stargate Rites of Passageways Live VIRTUAL Event Tomorrow!

This will be a Magical Sacred Beltane Event Jupiter , Venus and Mercury's Alignment! COMPLETION OF OUR TRINITY AROURA DIAMOND Soul Union Template's!! Major Soul Contracts COMPLETION Shifting Expanding All Within Rewriting All New Sacred Union Soul Contracts!

Reawaken with Hermes and Aphrodite’s Stargate God & Goddess Mastery Rites During Beltane Ceremonial Sacred Passageways Solar Eclipse New Moon Portal!

Join Our Live Workshop Tomorrow! We are performing Ancient Ceremonial Sacred Attunements & Star Gate Rites of Passageways with Hermès / Aphrodite - Stargate Masters!

Stargate Portal Quantum Light Activation's -

* God & Goddess Star Gate Portal Passageways Sacred Rite - Inner Soul Marriage

*Hermès & Aphrodite Holy Kristos

Creation Union - Star Gate Divine Wings COMPLETION

* God & Goddess Krystal Cosmic Lotus Heart Chakra Full Activation

* Hermès & Aphrodite Holy Kristos Sacred Marriage Christ Consciousness Inner Temple Initiation Attunement

* Align to Your Avatar Consciousness Sacred Marriage Partnership Activation

We are Opening a Universal Star Gate Within to Shift Our Realities to All New !!

All New Universal Inner Star Gate Recalibration!

Book Your TICKET Admission Today!

Please Bring Crystal's/ Energy Tools - Yoga Mat - Headphones! Bottle Water

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