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Solar Flare Energy Update!

High Energy Activation's!! 🌈🌈🌈

Solar Flares are Booming the Physical Body Vessel!!! We are about to Receive a Massive Template Wipe to Shift Our Realities To a Higher Earth Systems/ Universe !!

The Physical Krystalline Diamond Body 💎 Will Receive a Charge Up for a Massive Teleportion Blast !!

Unable to Move the Physical Body will happen for a Few Days those that are Activated in the Diamond Merkaba Fields Systems!

Much will be Pulled Up ... Let this Move Out of the Body!! 🌹💞🌹💞🌹💞

Beautiful Twin Flame Inner Soul Solar Ra Codes !! 🌹

Twin Flame Twin Ray's Christed Intelligence Diamond Photonic Light Codes ✨️

*Egyptian Tribes Rewrite with the 12 Tribes/ Root Races of Seeding * 🌹

***Massive Solar Detox Waves Diamond Christed Energy Matrices Template's Anchoring ⚓️ ✨️

Remember to Drink Pure Clean Water and Honor the Body ! High Vibrational Foods/ Nature for Soul 🌹

We Love You ❤️

🌹 Utopia New Earth Community Project's 🌎

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