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Solar Storm High Energy Update Star Gate 2222 Galactic Higher Universe Completion

Ascension Support High Energy Update - 05/22/22 STAR GATE TELEPORTION STARGATE STARGATE!! Magical 222 Golden Galactic Gateway's!!! Huge VEILS Drop!! Full Higher Self EMBODIMENT Template's 2222 Ascension Portal Diamond Pink Ray Plasma Photonic Light Solar Upgrades!! Passing through Texas!! Shout Out to All Our Galactic Soul Family in Texas!! Such a Beautiful Plasma Solar Ultra Violet Plasma Photonic Light Solar Storm Last Night 🌙 💜 in San Antonio Texas!! ✨️ So Beautiful!! We are Gridding with the Andara's Collectives Family!! We Went through a Star Gate Teleportion This Morning!! Universal Krystal Star Plasma Template's Liquid Light Activation all!! Universal Krystal Star Plasma Pineal Glands Vortexs Upgrades Fully Online Now

All New Quantum Super Universal Soul Quantum Computer System Upgrades Twin Universal Krystal Star Solar Divine Masculine and Solar Feminine EMBODIMENT Template's!

Twin Divine Sacred Marriage Soul Union Within ✨️ ❤️ 💕

We going through a Quantum Light acceleration expansion major consciousness Galactic Cosmic expansion.

We are Sharing Quantum Light Activation Pictures to Share / Support the Star Gate Vortexs Opening Portals Gateway's through our Pineal Glands Third Eye Chakra/ What We See through our Vortex! This is what we see it's Pure Blissful/ Magical 12D Crystalline Energy Matrix Realities!

This Star Gate our Star Particles Plasma Photonic Light Solar Pearl Plasma Liquid Light/ Universal Solar Liquid Star Particles Pouring in our Conscious Fields!!

Get Ready for Quantum Acceleration Major Change ! 3D Consciousness Wipe! Ego Dissolving 4D Consciousness Collectives Collapsing!!

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