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Star Code Mastery Psychic Development Training 10 Week Curriculum! We Start January 22nd! Enroll Now

Greetings Star Family,

We are Calling Forth All Starseed's Ready for Multidimensional Mastery!!

Are you Ready for Advanced Merkaba Vehicle Development Teaching's?

Super Quantum Computer System Mastery Development / Quantum Jumping/ Time Traveling Abilities / FUTURE SELF Telepathic Techniques Training/ Quantum Energetic Healing... Much More....

All Galactic Guardian's Roles!!

We Are Teaching Mystery School Curriculum!!

See you on Our Stargate Jump! Enroll Today

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🌿💚After completing the Starseed Evolution 7 Day Workshop! with Akasha's Ra Uzurite and her beautiful Members Team; I felt such an amazing change in me. She is a Fabulous Light worker! You'll instaneously have an experience like none other🦜. Akasha Ra Uzrite is surely a one of a Kind 💎 diamond whose sparkle is felt within you the very first day. Akasha's dedication, wisdom, Gallactic skills & Technique's ; and teachings is beyond repor, truly an Ascended Master of her trade, and well awakened to the Light. You will enjoy and absorb her teachings and may even upgrade yourself with her advanced knowledge. 🌈It is a Blessing from the Universe and her Gallactic Families to have her amongst …

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