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Starseed Evolution Channel Website Fully Open! New Discount % Off & Curriculum Programs

Welcome Star Family to Our Utopia New Earth Systems Star Ship!! 🌟

We are Fully Open for New Passageways & Sacred Gateway's!

We are in Completion of Building our Sacred Website!

We are Offering Major Mastery Curriculum Group Quantum Light Activation Curriculum/ Intuitive Awakening Mentoring Guidance!

Sign for our June Curriculum Program


Explore More ...

We are Offering Quantum Acceleration Leap Discounts 50% Off All pre-recorded Workshop's/ Courses/ Quantum Light Activation Packages

Coupon Code Apply Before Check Out

"GoldenNewMoon " Promo Coupon Code!

Click Here to View Our Creation Site

Come Quantum Jump Galactic Style with Akasha Ra Azurite In New Mexico!

We are Gifting Until July 44% Off All Personal Individual Energy Session/ Quantum Consciousness Mentoring!

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Return to you Divine Avatar Angelic Human DNA Blueprint with Akasha Ra Azurite


We are Offering Our Sacred Galactic Quantum Consciousness Mentoring

Click to Activate Keys Within Below

6 Galactic Family Group Multidimensional Mastery Classes & 4 Individual Personal Energy Session's! All for 1,444 $ USD

Plus Bonus Courses 22 Hours of Per - Recorded Curriculum - Workshop's - Light Body Activation's Package Sets!

Activate with More Starseed Evolution Channel Curriculum to Awaken to Full EMBODIMENT of Your Galactic DNA Selves!

Stargate Starseed Evolution Channel Mastery Plan!

7 Personal Individual Mentoring Session's We Jump Through Star Gates Each Session! We Create Session's Your Galactic Orgins DNA!

Your Starseed Evolution Support Teams!

Plus 30 Hours of Recorded Starseed Evolution Channel Workshop's! Plus Quantum Light Activation Package Sets

Activate Your Divine Crystalline Diamond Galactic Super Intelligence Computer System Today !

Unlimited Spacing for this Curriculum till December!

Twin Flame Phoenix RAY Quantum Activation Divine Union Plan -

Are you Ready To Align to Your Sacred Marriage Partnerships?

Activate Your Ascended Master Template's Divine Sacred Soul Union Within - ThreeFold Flame Solar Phoenix Universal Male & Female Soul Marriage Union Development's Within! To Materialize your Angelic Twin Ray Soul Marriage Union Partners in the Quantum 5D Realities Out there " Physical Realities " NEW EARTH Dimensional of Divine Pure Love!

We are Offering this Sacred Soul Union Quantum Multidimensional Consciousness Mentoring Session for 1 Month!

3 Personal Energy Matrix Individual Session's

9 Pre - Recorded Courses/ Workshop's/ Twin Ray Soul Union Within & Partnership Alignment Quantum Light Activation Package Sets!

We Offer Our Mastery School Curriculum For Only 777$ USD - VALUE for this Plan - 1, 444 $ USD

Click On This Stargate Multidimensional Mastery Plan -

New 30 Day Manifestation Creatix New Earth Creation Program ✨️ Manifest Your Dreams - New Earth

2 Personal Energy Individual Session's ✨️

Plus Quantum Light Activation Packages & Workshop's/ Courses! Bonus Courses!

We Offer As a Cosmic New Earth Gift Only 444$ USD - VALUE of Mastery Development Plan 1,111 $ USD

Click Here to View New Beginnings Galactic Realities -

November 11th 11/11 Galactic Cosmic Heart Expansion Gateway's Per Early Enrollment Plus Payment installment!

Goddess Sekhmet 14 Keys of Light Curriculum Program! Krystalline Christos Sophia Diamond Energy Matrix Event Sacred Attunement!

Remember the Sacred Christos Sophia Priest / Priestess Pathways Within!

14 Weeks of Quantum Light Activation Sacred Shamanic Journey Attunements Initiation's of Each Key Code!

Plus Bonus Courses/ Quantum Light Activation Packages! ✨️

Early Starseed Evolution Channel Enrollments -

We Offer as a Gift for Only 1,444 $ USD PER ADMISSION! Value 4,444 $ USD Curriculum!

Check Out Our New Utopia Andara Shop -

You May Activate Your Lightbody DNA Template's By Looking at them as Well!

Final Sacred Offerings! We Have Energetically Aligned to New Mexico, Las Cruces Area!

We are Offering in Person Krystalline Avatar Quantum Consciousness Personal Energy Session's Coming June - July Until December Winter Solstice!

Come Activate in Person with Akasha Ra Azurite!

Are you Ready To Activate Your Star Born Galactic Consciousness!

Email Akasha Ra Azurite for Details!

All Krystal Healing Quantum Energetics & High Cosmic Alchemy Shamanic Session's - Stargate Mastery Shamanism Training in Person!

We Appreciate all Energetic Exchanges Go to Quantum Consciousness New Earth Conscious Projects! 🌎

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