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Starseed Evolution United Channel World Sovereignty Tour - Golden Diamond Age Tour of the God's!

Starseed Evolution Channel Grand World Tours  2022 -2029Golden Diamond Age Tour of the God's 🌹

7 Year Divine Diamond Age Cycle - Sacred Planetary Galactic Guardian's Initiation's Passageways Cycles! 🌹

2023 - Egypt  - RA CODE  -  Returning of Children of The Diamond Sun Spiritual Journey Tour  - Ra the Sun God Stargate Tour💕

2024 - India  - Mountains of KALI Golden Diamond Spiritual Awakening Journey Tour

2024 - Greece - Olympian Atlantean Diamond Ray - Divine GodSelf Spiritual Awakening Tour

2025 - Japan - Golden Diamond Age Abundance Activation  - Goddess Kuan Yin Star Sirius Tour

2026  - Tibet - Divine Emerald Ray Diamond Heart Chakra Spiritual Awakening Journey - Nirvana Consciousness Inner Union Tour!

All Will Be Available as We Create in the Quantum Fields Flow  - We are Sharing to Assist The Sovereignty GridWork for 7 Year Cycle!

South Africa - Costa Rica  - Hawaii  - Iraq  - Fiji will Align as we Receive Where Our Andaraian Master Krystal will Grid..... 🌹

Upcoming Events will Have a Sacred Cosmic Booking Page By End of October...

Cosmic Love!

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