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Summer Solstice Surprise Guest on Starseed Evolution Channel!

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Divine Summer Solstice Utopia Community Surprise...

Divine Angelic Support ✨️

Avatar Consciousness Expansion Interview for the All Soul Aligned ...

Rewaken with our Sacred Star Sister..

Cosmic Avatar Goddess of the Universe Christine Snowden , Author of "Love from the Universe."

GALactic GODdess We are Awakening to Unity !! Live Live Live - 8:15 am Mountain Time, We Began the Galactic Heart Summer Krystal Glitter Shine! Cosmic Ray Intro - ❤🧡💛💚 Christine Snowdon, ICRT Usui Reiki Master, Tibetan Reiki Master, Angel Guidance Counsellor, She teaches Archangel/Christ consciousness/and Universal Galactic Communications. Quote From Our Avatar Goddess of the Universe Christine Snowden ✨️ "Love From the Universe published book gives my multi dimensional higher consciousness cosmic conversations eg with the Arcturians, Syrians, Ashtar, Galaxy Collectives and Higher Galactic Counsel♥." "Inspiring others through sharing the importance of Self Care, nurturing Love and learning that Love of All as a Goddess Avatar. This is my mission on earth at this time of my Ascension (now begun) with the Plieadians". We Are Excited to bring New Doorways to Support all with Divine Love ( One Heart Conscious Unified Galactic Light Family)

Wake Up to Our AVATAR CONSCIOUSNESS Conversations Summer Solstice Surprise Gift! Click Link for Amazon Divine Book -

We Appreciate All Energetic Support, Love , Angelic Avatar Wisdom from Our Avatar Goddess Sister from the Stars..

See you All Tomorrow Christed Crystalline Children of the Diamond Sun !

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