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Testimonial From Star Sister Heather Houston!

We Appreciate your Energetic Exchanges and Kindness!!

Absolutely Beautiful Testimonial from Our Galactic Soul Sister!!

We Quantum Accelerate Beyond the Speed of Light!!

We the Galactic Guardian's Family, are Sharing the Deepest Gratitude for Holding Space with Us Star Sister!

We All Raise Together in A DIVINE Temple Light Field of Unified Galactic Light!

WE Experience Magical Heart Enchanted Moments ( Zero Point) Presence Moments... As We Expand as Light!

Sharing, Inspiring , Deep Love Heart Space And Up Lifting Each other full Unity Consciousness!

Thank you , for Honoring our Gifts , Sacred Time , And Support We Bring forth to the All Star Sister!

Aurora Wishes and Divine L


Akasha Ra Azurite Encourage

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Jan 16, 2022

I agree totally. The 7 day event was beyond anything I expected. Not only does she have me speaking light language, (in a week), she has taught me a lot about what has been really going on and eliminated a lot of the nonsense. It has been quantum light speed transformation for sure.

Mister E.

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