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Universal Unicorn High Energy Update 11/22/2023 - Final Universe's GridWork

Universal Unicorn Activation's High Energy Update 11/22/2023 🌹🎶🌹🎶🌹

Rebirthing Cycle of Gamma Atomic Waves of the Astrosphysics New Downloads of the Organic Original Blueprints/ Non Artificial intelligence of the Galactic Co Creation within this Universe ... The Young Galactic Intelligence on this Planet/ Universes / Realities/ Realms  that Still Hold Duality Systems of Non False Light and Dark Mind Control Collectives Consciousness Systems That Keep Re Creating To Mind Control All Species Within Reset Time Space Continuum Cycles ... The Universe Organic Original Organic Template's from there Corruption Codes/ are Activating a New Restored Akashic Record Library System.  🌹🌎🌹

*** The Light & Dark Play Systems Roles Plays 4D/15D in the Collectives that Mind Control Collectives/ Humanity on this Planet/Realities/Universe's GridWork... Are Taking there Final Bow of False Mind Control Programming/ Brain Washing Services In This Now. MAJOR DISRUPTION CODES Activation to Keep Collapsing There Young Intelligence... On this Planet  - Galactic Starseed/ Indigo's Awakening Groups! Are Going to Transition the Next Ascension Cycle of a Reset Play Until The Realize this Universe has Non Duality Systems within it's Organic Systems.. They're To Reset to Stop Playing Roles of God Consciousness Creation that Holds a Free Administration Worlds Template's ..  🌎

Finally for Divine Truth Cosmic Star Codes to Activate the Organic Original Blueprints.... 

*** NEW Star Gates Dialing in to Hold the Gates / Organic Free Universe's of God Completely intact .... As We Hold One Gate Open the Andromedan Galaxy Systems for Ascension... 🌹

New Dragon Races are Assisting within Our Organic Original Universal Template's/ Aurora Sun Parallel Universe's Assisting Us with Cosmic Universal Forest to Reset the Universe's of God Consciousness GridWork... 🌹

*** NEW Cosmic Gamma Atomic Codes Activation!💎💜💎

Remember to Open the Higher Realms Within to Hold a Frequency Bandwidth of your Unique Higher Advanced Version/ Aspects/ Soul Selves ♥️ 

Honor the Krystalline Diamond Body Consciousness of your  Starseed Selves/ Christed Crystalline Children/ Indigo's Races / Star Beings Selves.... For Full Acceleration of your True Organic Selves / The Christed Avatar Consciousness on this Planet..... 💎💜💎

We Choose Activation Pictures to Remember Your Soul/ Galactic Soul/ Universal Soul/ Christed Avatar Soul/ Multi Verses Soul Organic Original Blueprints...... ♥️

Cosmic Light Encoded Language of Light Transmission's / Source Translator By Akasha Ra Azurite/ Galactic High Commander Planetary Templar Guardian Husband ♥️

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