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Utopia New Earth Systems VIRTUAL Retreat - Update

Greetings Star Family, We will go Live Every Evening , Until the 14th This Month!! @7pm Est ! Each Day

Welcome to Our Utopia New Earth Systems VIRTUAL Retreat! 🌎

Crystalline Quantum Healing Treatment & Upgrades!

Our Soul Family Dedication will be to Opening the Hearts of Humanity!!

Ascension Transition Quantum Multidimensional 5D Living Acceleration Support!

We ARE THE Conscious World Leader's 🌎

All Awakening Children of the Sun!!

Ascension Starseed Guidance - Starseed Evolution Consciousness Support!! 🙏


Day 1 - Utopia Arcturus Stargate Crystalline Temple Journey Childhood Deep Cellular Clearing! Quantum Healing! 💝

Day 2 - Utopia Emerald Order Stargate Crystalline Temple Journey Merkaba Vehicle Upgrades / Implant Removal - Angelic Human Blueprint DNA Repair ♥

Day 3 🧡 - Utopia Orion Stargate Crystalline Temple Journey - Crystalline Quantum Healing Attunements

Day 4💜 - Utopia Lyra Royal House's Crystalline Temple Journey - Purification Restore - Lyra DNA Orgins Rewrite/ Rewiring Krystic Solar Body

Day 5 💙- Utopia Krystic Star Sirius A & B Crystalline Temple Temple Journey - StarBODY UNIVERSAL Soul Krystal Krystic Stargate Upgrades

Day 6 🧡- Utopia Andromeda Stargate Crystalline Temple Journey - Triple Diamond Sun Grids StarBODY Matrices Upgrades / Detox & Rejuvenation Cellular Structure Restore

7 Day 💛 - Utopia New Lemuria Stargate - Hathor Council's Crystalline Temple Journey - Hathor DNA Lightbody Upgrades / Krystic Diamond Heart Chakra Restore / Reawakening AVATAR Matrix

Final Day Star Ship Departure 💙 Utopia Pleiadian Stargate Crystalline Temple Journey - 5D Living Realities Upgrades - Avatar Consciousness Expansion Upgrades - Ra Consciousness - Crystalline Diamond Christos Sophia Structure Template's

We Appreciate All Who Joins Us!! S

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Jan 08, 2022

I'd love to join you please. Where do I find the link? 🦄🦄🦄

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