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Welcome to Our Starseed Evolution United Channel - Free Utopia New Earth Projects Jedi Circles

Welcome Divine Star Children of the Galaxies,

We Held a Amazing Circle Today with Our Soul Mates Our Divine Animal Family of Light....

We Welcome All Ages for the New Awakening of New Earth - Utopia Earth Consciousness...

Here's the Link for Our First " Utopia New Earth Galactic Jedi Circle "

Sacred Animal Companion Quantum Healing Circle & Animal Telepathy Training Class -

Click Link for First Circle -

For all Who Attended Deep Gratitude for Opening Your Hearts to New Consciousness Awareness for All Life on Gaia...

We will Post All Recordings to this Course Portal and Share We Activate New Light for Our New Creations....

Links for Music for Our Sacred Animals Family -

Dolphin Sounds Third Eye Chakra 852hz Sirian Starseed Healing Music

Meditation Music with Lemurian tuning fork sound, Great for Yoga, Reiki and Spa 🦋0013 - AMBA'REES

CheCk All of Our Galactic Starseed Awakening Virtual Webinar Events - Homepage

{ NO Charge } Solar Ra Phoenix High Goddess Temple Training - 7 Week Training - Waterkeeper Jedi Sisterhood High Goddesses of Light Ceremonial Circle -

We are Calling All High Goddess Jedi Sister's to Our Sacred Lemurian Circle Inner Temple of the Christed Sophia ... We are Guiding / Teaching / Our Ancient Inner Wisdom of the Diamond Temples of the Christed Sophia ... 7 week Solar Ra High Goddess Remembrance Waterkeeper - Lemuria Water Magic - High Alchemy Teaching's .... Each Week will Be a New Diamond Energy Matrix Temple of the Christed Sophia ...

We Start April 22nd - 10 am MT - 1pm EST ...

All Sign Ups Are through Email.. for Now... - Email to Join Our Circle Sister.... -

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