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Winter Solstice Live Event! On Our YouTube Channel! Sacred Ceremony Gateway's with Goddess Hecate

Winter Solstice Live Event 🐉🌹🐉🌹🐉

( NO CHARGE Event) Live On YouTube

Starseed Evolution Channel & Live on Facebook!

FB Page - Akash Ra Azurite !

December 21st @11:11 pm MT - Hour of Mercury High Planetary Alchemy GridWork!

Welcome to the Golden Diamond Age Tour of God's Live From Utah Bryce Canyon!! 💎

We are Hosting a Sacred Winter Solstice Divine Passageways with Our Beautiful Star Ray Goddess Hecate ✨️

Akasha Ra Azurite will Perform a Sacred Cosmic Shamanism Ceremony - Language of Light Attunements & Anointing Activation! 💎

We are Star Portal Traveling to the Sacred Temple's of Goddess Hecate to Open New Doorways for 2023 - Divine Krystalline Temple of Lagina , Caria - 💛 Higher God Realms 💛 Journey 🕊

Sacred Passageways Triple Goddess Hecate Rebirthing Ceremony Attunement's & Divine High Goddess Blueprint Initiation's -

*White Diamond Purification Flame - White Phoenix Rising Codex

*Purple Diamond Ray Violet Flame Transmutation & Rebirth Cycle - Sacred Keys of The Anicent Goddesses Return Passage

*Golden Sun Codes - Golden Diamond Ray Liquid Plasma Photonic Light Solar God DNA Awakening - Planetary Alchemy Magic Divine Wisdom Activation

*Silver Lunar Moon Light Ray's of the High Goddess Priestess Awakening Intitation

*Sacred Triple Diamond Solar Goddess High Priestess of Hecate Anointing - Krystalline Guardian Initiation of the Sacred Temple's of Hecate Attunement!

2 Hour Sacred Rebirthing Ceremony! 💎

We Welcome All New Divine Star Family to Our Sacred Utopia New Earth Systems Light Ship Community 💛💛💛💛


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Gina Herrera
Gina Herrera
13 de dez. de 2022

Do I need Facebook to join the event?

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