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What is Apophyllite

Apophyllite is a class of mineral from the Phyllosilicate family. The meaning of the name comes from the Greek for ‘flake off’. Apophyllite is usually a white crystal but it can also come in shades of blue, green, yellow, and pink or even colorless. It is believed to calm the mind and be a cleanser of negative thoughts.

Calm the Mind & Raise your Vibration

Coming from the Greek word of ‘Apo’ and ‘Phyllon’, the Apophyllite crystal captures its name from its flaky like silicate texture and a touch that is as soft as snow. Despite the delicate sounding name, this crystal is spiritually strong and shot with incredibly high vibrations. It’s a soul star stone, a place where the masculine and feminine energies meet, and a crystal of divine white light that is ever ready to project you to places of astral travel and deep insight.

First discovered in the early 19th century by R.J Hauy, Apophyllite comes shot with different shades but is more often than not as white as the surging froth of a racing river. There is also the Green Apophyllite Stone which is the rarest of the family and holds notes of love, peace, and pure tranquility. While the greener version of the stone is often found in the mines of India, Brazil, and Canada, Apophyllite has also been uncovered in Greenland, Iceland, Norway, the Czech Republic, Italy, Britain, Germany, and Australia. Mirrored Apophyllite was also used for centuries in the art of gazing, where the stone was passed down for generations as a mirror for the past so that a person could reflect on the magic and the mistakes of their elders and adapt their own choices accordingly.

In homage to its image of frozen water, Apophyllite also holds a high-water content which brings about its incredibly ability to conduct electricity. Ever charged with energy, you would think that Apophyllite was all about the buzz but in fact this crystal stays soft and serene and geared towards glorious gentle healing. To find out more about Apophyllite keep on reading.

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Healing Properties of Apophyllite

A clear resonator that conducts electrical charge and connects to higher plains, Apophyllite is an incredibly spiritual stone. Ever a clearer of negative energy and tumbled emotion, this crystal immediately gets to work and removes blockages, making sure that your heart and your head stay clear and connected and ever ready to overcome those mired feelings of stress and anxiety. Channeling thoughts and feelings that surpass our simple borders, Apophyllite is also known for its ability to tap into hidden psychic powers. From clairvoyance and visions to linking spirit and truth, this stone has big things in store for those who are open to deepened spiritual practice.

Physical Healing Properties

We all know that the mind, the body, and the soul are intricately connected and all feed each other in health, wonder, and wellness. In the physical sense, Apophyllite ensures that the memory is sharp as a tack. Sometimes when we are overtaken by feelings of fear, anxiety, and the cobwebs of worry we aren’t able to hone our focus as much as we would like. As a stone of natural healing, Apophyllite relieves physical issues associated with stress by dramatically reducing the stress factor altogether. The Tibetans would also use this stone to help with breathing problems like asthma and allergies.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Say farewell to those negative thought patterns that are no longer serving you as you embrace the laid-back vibes and mental clarity that comes with the Apophyllite Stone. Thanks to its high-water content, this stone reminds us that even when we feel stuck or frozen that there is always a flow sitting beneath the surface. By tapping into our inner wells we can turn on the tap and release that stored up energy, ever sending it in a sublime direction to where it needs to go. Apophyllite is all about becoming enlightened to ourselves and finding that mental clarity we need to move forward. It brings about actionable energy and asks us to leave our baggage behind so that we can finally fly free and high without the excess weight we have been clinging to.

Metaphysical Properties

Being an in-depth cleanser of negative energy, Apophyllite is here to connect you with your higher purpose and help you to travel further than you ever thought possible. It’s a stone that is linked to astral travel, connecting with angels, clairvoyance, physic visions, cosmic quests, and expanding your consciousness as far as it will go. To do this, Apophyllite connects first with the heart chakra so it is able to open you up for giving and receiving love with ease. Not just the love that the universe has to offer but self-love and trust in your own intuition and magic. Second, it connects to the third eye chakra, where our infinite wisdom sits. Thirdly, it connects to the crown chakra and gifts you the key so that you can unlock your own inner gate to the wider cosmic world.

Zodiac Birthstone

For those born under the banner of the twin sign of Gemini, the Apophyllite Stone makes for an amazing match. Geminis are flighty and fun and ever inflow, but their twin side can also be sensitive and overanxious thanks to all that energy flying around. The Apophyllite Stone can balance things out, keeping Gemini’s away from those twisted turns of the anxious path and ensuring they stay cohesive and connected no matter what. As a counterbalancer for dual energies of the masculine and feminine, it also makes sense that Apophyllite would also connect with the twin sign. For those Gemini’s who need a little more grounding and tuning in, Apophyllite is an amazing addition to the pack.

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Apophyllite Cluster Crystalline Crystal- Programmed with Language of Light

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