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Welcome to Our Utopia New Earth Consciousness Shop Inventory from Our Cosmic Twin Ray Love to You ....

200 Grams 


We have Created a Beautiful Gift for Your Christed Sophia Ra Consciousness Source Light Soul Marriage Embodiment Within...


Krystalline Peach Solar Queen of Sirius B Return Andara Monatomic Gamma Fire Ray's of Pure Source Diamond Light Intelligence, Queen Nefertiti Diamond Heart Sun Codes , Sirius B Gamma Fire Phoenix Codes , Sirius B Soul Return Diamond Strands Template's Activations.. Deep Space Codes


Krystalline Diamond Pearl Plasma King of Sirius B Soul Return Diamond Andara Ray - King Galactic Soul Code Return Diamond Light Intelligence, Solar King Galactic Strands Template's, Pearl Plasma Krystalline Waters of the Pearl White Solar Phoenix Codes, and King Akhenaten Egyptian Diamond Races DNA Strands Template's Activations


We Created as All New Gamma Atomic Twin Ray's Codes Come Through this will be a Activation Unification for Your Christed Sophia Consciousness Ra Soul Inner Trinity Marriage Embodiment Within...

Blessings Divine Family

Christed Sophia Consciousness Solar Atomic Fire Twin Rays / Fire & Water Set

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