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*** We Call this Piece the Rainbow Lemuria Music Mu Seed Quartz ******

We Activated this Beautiful Lemurian Seed Quartz with Unicorn Diamond Healer/ Diamond Portal Codes / Rainbow Diamond Light Healing Master Keys & Unicorn Horn Activator Codes ..... This Divine Rainbow Lemurian Music Seed Quartz will Energetically Align to Your Higher Heart Passageways to Activate Your Akashic Records Lemurian Starseed Codes/ Krystalline Diamond Kingdom's All From With the Star Light Codes in your Physical Conscious Body .....

Lemurian Seed Crystal Meaning:

💚One of the unique features of the Memory Quartz Lemurian Seed Crystal is its barcode-like striations, which run vertically along the crystal's sides. These striations are thought to represent the stored information within the crystal, much like how barcode patterns store data on computer chips.

💚The ''Memory'' Quartz Lemurian Seed Crystal is a type of crystal that is believed to hold the memories and wisdom of the ancient civilization of Lemuria. It is known as a "memory quartz" because it is said to have been programmed with information from this lost civilization, which can be accessed through meditation and other spiritual practices When working with Lemurian Quartz, individuals may use these striations as a guide to access the crystal's stored knowledge and gain insights into their spiritual journey.

💚We are well aware that quartz has found a place in modern technology as a crucial component in computer chips, hard drives, and radios. Our dependence on this versatile mineral is evident in the way it powers much of our contemporary technology. However, it is also believed that the Ancient Lemurians possessed advanced technologies of light, and with their mastery, they imbued Lemurian Seed Crystal Quartz with the wisdom and teachings of their time. These ancient crystals now offer us guidance and enlightenment, aiding us in our journey towards a brighter future.

💚The legends of Lemurian Quartz offer a journey into the connection with ancient wisdom from an earlier time in our history on Earth. It is believed that these crystals were downloaded with higher spiritual codes and knowledge, and connecting with them during meditation provides access to the teachings of the Lemurians, a peaceful, wise civilization of light beings, deeply connected to Mother Earth.


We Appreciate your Energetic Exchanges of Light.... Activate - Expand- Anchor YOUR HIGHER Unique Energetic Signatures....

Rainbow Lemuria Music Mu Seed Quartz - Programmed w/ Unicorn Diamond Codes

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