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Akashic Record Quantum Session

  • 1 h 40 min
  • 444 US dollars
  • Zoom Meeting Online

Service Description

Welcome to Our Utopia New Earth Community here on Mother Gaia's Earth Light Ship Holographic Experience! All Light Energetic Exchanges "Payments " are Supporting Our Utopia New Earth Projects and our Family... We Appreciate your Energetic Exchanges of Support and Remembering/ Awakening for the Collectives Consciousness of Humanity/ Planet/ Universe! Meet Akasha Ra Azurite Our Quantum Multidimensional Consciousness Mentor Worldwide, Quantum Energetic Lightbody Activator, Shaman, Star Gate Master Teacher, Language of Light Quantum Omega Source Translator , Galactic Translator, and Quantum Programmer What to Expect During Our Akash/Akasha / Akashic Record Quantum Session *** *We Transmit Source/GodSource Blueprints from Your Oversouls Higher Version of You to Activate Your Akashic Record Library Star Gate Systems & Diamond Merkaba Fields ( Lightbodies/ Merkaba Bodies) ... We Access Holographic Hologram Systems within Our Quantum Computer System Light Ship to Receive Holographic Telepathic Downloads/Template's/ Tablets/ Light Quadrants/ Blueprints Transmitted From Your Star Gate Systems within your Morphogenetic Fields/ Star Gate Holographic Records.... We Receive all in Quantum Flow Records of All Spaces of Existences of Time that Hold Purpose In Our Session..... Second Hour - We Guide You to Access Your Own Akashic Records To Remember How to Receive From Within Your Library Systems to Development a Deep connection to Your Higher Self/ OVersoul/ Avatar Creator Soul ... We Assist with a Clearing in the Akash Energetic Morphogenetic Bodies, We Anchor New Krystalline Diamond Energy Matrices Template's, Anicent Keys, Anicent Records, Future Records , and Deprogram Old Matrices/ Old Mentalities/ Behavioral Patterns/Old Software's/ Old Beliefs Systems with You... ***We Assist You with Guided Inner Vision with Your Higher Self to Access Higher Versions of You , Galactic Lives, Pervious Lives, and Outer Planetary Existences Much More .... We Would You to Set up a Beautiful Sacred Relaxing Space Before Our Session.... Bring Pure Clean Water [ Bottled] , Crystals, Andara's, Energy Tools, and Headphones... All Quantum Krystalline Diamond Energy Session's Our High Light Encoded Quantum Session's.... We Ask you Sleep Rest Honor the Body for 7 Days After Our Session.... Hydrate Your Body .... All Session's Are through Zoom Meet Ups & Recorded Sent to You within 4 - 7 Days After Our Energy Session!! We ❤️ Also Include 2 Pre Recorded Course

Cancellation Policy

24Hours / No Refunds

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