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Starseed Quantum Consciousness Mentoring

Universal Divine New Human Re - Programming & Remembering Quantum Consciousness Embodiment Living

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 444 US dollars

Service Description

Open New Earth 5D Beyond Realities with Akasha RA Azurite Our Quantum Consciousness Worldwide Wayshower Mentor & Kristic Sophia RA Priestess ... And The Galactic High Ascension Councils of Pure Love.. ​ All Individual Personal Energy Session's are Andara Krystal Quantum Lightbody Activator Technology & Quantum Consciousness Mentoring Session's.... ​ We Deprogram Together Deep Cellular Veils of Cellular Sleep States 3D/4D bandwidths Realities.. We ReCode Are RNA/DNA Cellular Structures through Anchoring in Tons of Photonic Light of Source Creator to Rewaken our Soul/GAlactic/Universal Soul Consciousness Once Again.... ​ We are Soul Aligned through Christed Light blueprints - Star Maps - Light Quotients - Corrdinates to Activate Together as Divine Star Soul Family Again .... ​ We Activate to Key (Star) Codes for a Full Embodiment Merge as one with our Higher Selves Here.. ​ Open the Keys to your Heaven GAlactic Cosmic hearts Here as One Unity Star Universal Light Grid... Beyond... ​ We assist /Teach Quantum Consciousness Multi Dimensional Mastery and Beyond the LinAR MIND.... Beyond Mediumship Abilities... Super Quantum Merkaba Computer System Ascended Mastery School.... We Walk in Multiple Universal Dimensions Within .. We are in the Beyond of the Beyond Fields of Dreams to Anchor in the highest Krystal Light realities on Gaia! All Session's Are through Zoom Meet Ups & Recorded Sent to You within 4 - 7 Days After Our Energy Session!! We ❤️ Also Include 2 Pre Recorded Course for Our Beautiful Divine Star Family Aligned to Us On a Soul Level ❤️ for Acceleration with there Higher Self Mastery of There Star Born Galactic Remembrance... We Assist You with Guided Inner Vision with Your Higher Self to Access Higher Versions of You , Galactic Lives, Pervious Lives, and Outer Planetary Existences Much More .... We Would You to Set up a Beautiful Sacred Relaxing Space Before Our Session.... Bring Pure Clean Water [ Bottled] , Crystals, Andara's, Energy Tools, and Headphones... All Quantum Krystalline Diamond Energy Session's Our High Light Encoded Quantum Session's.... We Ask you Sleep Rest Honor the Body for 7 Days After Our Session.... Hydrate Your Body .... We Love You and Appreciate your Energetic Exchanges of Light !! Deep Gratitude to Meet You Divine Family....

Cancellation Policy

24Hours / No Refunds

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